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Introduction to Webex Events Production Studio
Introduction to Webex Events Production Studio
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Webex Events Production Studio is our built-in broadcasting studio that's highly customizable and easy to use, and it requires no downloads or outside software. Webex Events Production Studio is included with a Webex Events streaming credit, along with Webex Events Simulive and the Webex Events RTMP Player. Use one or all of these in your Sessions or Live Stream features.

💡 Keep in mind, Webex Events Production Studio is only available with paid plans.

This article provides an overview of Webex Events Production Studio. Keep reading to learn more!

A Webex Events Production Studio live stream Agenda Session in the Web App.

Webex Events Production Studio benefits

Brand everything in the Studio

With Webex Events Production Studio, fully customize your live stream with your own branding, including colors, logos, and backgrounds.

You can upload videos, GIFs, and images and add them to your stream, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to showcase sponsors — even with sponsor videos!

Connect with your audience

Engage with your audience in real time by displaying viewer chats, Q&A questions, and polls in your live stream. Not only is this an exciting way to connect with your audience and highlight their participation, it's also a great way to encourage people to chat and ask more questions. Webex Events Production Studio even lets you "star" chats and questions, which keeps them in a separate list and helps you show them in your stream when the time is right.

A poll displayed on stage in the Webex Events Production Studio.

Connect with more people by adding Closed Caption support, including our very own Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations, which is included at no additional cost!

Simple and reliable

We built Webex Events Production Studio to ensure that anyone can create professional live streams. You'll be amazed at how fun and simple it is to put on a high-production-value event!

Drive participation

Webex Events Production Studio comes with so many tools that facilitate attendee action and engagement. Adding a call-to-action or other important message with banners and tickers is simple and effective, and you can do it ad-hoc based on what's happening in the chat or the live stream. You can also use a Custom Tab to embed content in your live stream, like a session survey!

Animated GIF of adding a banner and a ticker to a live stream in the Webex Events Production Studio.

Share pre-recorded content

If you have a pre-event teaser video, a custom countdown, or a sponsor reel to play before your live stream, we have you covered! Want to play a longer video for your audience? You can do that, too.

Animated GIF of a pre-recorded video countdown playing in a Webex Events Production Studio live stream.

Want your entire stream to be pre-recorded and played at a scheduled time as if it were live? Webex Events Simulive may be for you!

No software downloads

Webex Events Production Studio is a complete live streaming solution built in the cloud. You don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic, a camera, headphones, and decent internet to get started. To grant speakers access to the Studio, you simply share a link with them, and they can join your Studio on a computer or mobile device — no login required. 🙌

💡 Keep in mind, hosts must always join the Studio from a computer.

Is Webex Events Production Studio a good fit for my event?

Webex Events Production Studio is a powerful tool for creating professional streams with ease. However, it may not be a good fit for every event. Here are a few considerations when deciding if Webex Events Production Studio is right for you.

💡 Keep in mind, Webex Events Production Studio and the Webex Events RTMP player are included with all paid plans, so you can mix and match depending on your needs for each live stream!

Not a video hosting tool

Webex Events Production Studio doesn't host your stream recordings directly for people to come back and watch. However, recordings from the Studio automatically upload to the Video Center. It's easy to add recordings to Sessions, Live Stream features, speaker profiles, and more so attendees can access those recordings in the Event App. Read our article about adding recordings to your Event App for more information.

Check with your AV team

If you're working with an AV company, let them know about Webex Events Production Studio and the RTMP Player so they can provide input on which solution is best for them and your event. Some events may need advanced broadcasting software. For more on the RTMP Player, read our Introduction to the Webex Events RTMP Player article!

Webex Events Production Studio features and details

Review the following table for an overview of Webex Events Production Studio functionality.


The latest version of Chrome on computers and Android devices, and the latest version of Safari on iOS devices.


Up to 13 people can be in the studio or on stage at a time.

Custom branding

Color, Logos, Backgrounds

Custom media

Upload Videos and Images


Yes — Upload Logos, Backgrounds, and Images as GIFs.

Video requirements

Upload MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or MOV files no larger than 8GB each. The recommended size for videos is 1920 x 1080 px.

Starring chat and Q&A questions

Star chat and Q&A questions to keep them in a separate list so you can easily find and use them later during the stream.

Highlight audience chat, Q&A, and polls in the live stream


Banners and tickers


Webex Events Support

Start a chat with our amazing support team at any time directly from within the Studio.

Custom Tab


Screen share


Guest volume/mute control


Mirror camera setting


Speaker mobile device support


Remove speakers from the Studio


Guest network connection strength


Private speaker group chat


Private speaker one on one chat


Light and dark mode settings


Go Live multiple times


Recordings automatically in Video Center


Stream recording max length

Up to 12 hours

Stream recording format

MP4 video

Stream quality

1080p FHD or 720p HD resolution

Stream recordings available


Ready to learn more? Read our Getting Started with Webex Events Production Studio article for more information!

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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