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Health Pass enables frictionless and safe event entry

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Webex Events partners with CLEAR to provide our customers with discounts on their services. If you have health-related entry requirements for your events, CLEAR can help streamline and simplify those processes. You may have spotted the CLEAR logo at your local airport! In this article, we cover how to use CLEAR Health Pass with your events.

About CLEAR Health Pass for events

Health Pass is a feature in the free CLEAR app that provides an easy way for attendees to complete your event's required health screenings and share their results, allowing for frictionless entry to your event. To create a Health Pass, attendees are asked to sign up for CLEAR and follow instructions to comply with your Event's health requirements. This could include uploading proof of vaccination, linking a negative COVID-19 test, or filling out a health survey.

Infographic showing the attendee journey with CLEAR from enrollment to entering the event.

CLEAR resources

For general questions, visit CLEAR's FAQ page at Once you're a CLEAR customer, contact their Member Care team by opening the CLEAR app and tapping Get in Touch at the bottom of the home screen, or by calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763).

CLEAR Health Pass for events

CLEAR has made it easy to use Health Pass for events and provides customizable communication plans and materials for you to share with attendees.

Before the event, attendees will:

  1. Download the free CLEAR app and tap the white Health Pass tile.

  2. Select Health Pass and choose the tile associated with your event OR enter a unique code to go to your hidden event.

  3. Follow the instructions to create a free account.

  4. Complete the event entry requirement checklist, which could include linking their vaccination information, uploading a negative COVID-19 test, and/or taking a quick health survey.

  5. Show their Health Pass upon arrival for faster, safer entry!

Screenshots of several pages in the CLEAR app, illustrating sign up, screening, and QR code steps.

Pro tips! 😎

  • Consider a secondary screening procedure for attendees who receive a "Red" result in the app, or who don't use CLEAR.

  • Set expectations with your staff on what's required for entry and the next steps if the requirement isn't met.

  • Have a clear communication plan (see what we did there? 😉) so attendees know what they need to do for entry. CLEAR provides customizable communication plans and materials for you to share with attendees.

Interested in CLEAR Health Pass for your event?

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