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About Pixieset

Pixieset is an all-in-one platform for modern photographers that offers client photo galleries, websites, online stores, and studio management software tools. Pixieset lets you create your own fully customized gallery with their user-friendly interface.

If you want to display a photo gallery at your next event, Pixieset could be exactly what you're looking for! Plus, you can enjoy access to unlimited galleries and up to 3GB of photo storage before pricing kicks in. Learn more about Pixieset's pricing structure.

Pixieset Resources

To learn more about Pixieset and start using it, we recommend the following resources:

Create your Pixieset Collection

Once you’ve set up your account, follow the steps in Pixieset's Creating a Collection help article to start creating your collection.

After you're finished, share your Collection with attendees! Click the Share button to grab the link to your Collection.

Screenshot of clicking the Share button.

Click Get direct link and copy the URL.

Screenshot of copying the Pixieset Gallery URL

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Photo Download Pin option lets attendees download your photos with a PIN. If you want attendees to download photos without a PIN, click the Download Settings link to disable that setting. However, be careful, as disabling the PIN lets anyone with access to your collection download your photos.

Embed a Collection in your event with the Web Link feature

Simply add a Web Link feature to your event, edit the feature, and enter the URL you copied in the previous step. Make sure you uncheck the Open link in external browser checkbox. Leave the Pass Data to URL checkbox unchecked and click Save Changes.

Screenshot of the Pixieset Gallery URL in the Link field of a Web Link feature.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can change the feature name and icon to better reflect your Gallery! Simply click the feature's Settings (⚙️) icon to change them.

Once you add the link, your Gallery will be embedded in your event, and attendees on the Web App or Mobile App will be able to view and download your beautiful pictures!

Here’s how the Gallery appears on the Web App:

Screenshot of a Pixieset Gallery embedded in the Web App.

Here's how the Gallery appears on the Mobile App:

Animated GIF of an embedded Pixieset Gallery on the Mobile App.

You’re all set — enjoy!

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