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About Orca Scan

Orca Scan is a barcode and QR code scanner app for iOS and Android that lets anyone create a barcode system with no coding. You can download QR codes from within the Webex Events Platform and upload them to Orca Scan to get going within minutes.

Screenshot of Orca Scan.

Orca Scan resources

Feel free to check out Orca Scan's resources.

Create your Orca Scan sheets

Head to https://cloud.orcascan.com/ and create an account for free, then follow the steps below. 👍

Download QR codes

In your Lead Retrieval event on the Webex Events Platform, click the QR Codes tab. In the modal that appears, click Download QR Codes.

Screenshot of the QR Codes modal. The Download QR Codes button is indicated.

A notification appears when the download is ready. Click the Click here to download link to download the .xlsx file.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you miss the notification, don't worry. Simply click the notification bell icon to view a list of past notifications.

Screenshot of the It's Done! pop-up.

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet program and rename the 'QR Code' field as 'Barcode'.

⚠️ Caution! Don't change any of the values in the Barcode column!

Screenshot of the Barcode column in the QR Code export.

If you need to edit other data in the file, do so now. For example, you might delete the photo column if you don't need it. Save the file when you're done making changes.

Upload data to Orca Scan

Now, click the Upload button in Orca Scan to import your QR codes. Once the upload is done, you're ready to start scanning!

Screenshot of the Orca Scan Import button.

Use the Orca Scan app to scan attendee QR codes

Open the Orca Scan app on your mobile device and log in with the same account you used to upload the QR code spreadsheet. Tap at the top of the screen to select the correct sheet in the app.

Now, you can start scanning attendee badges with QR codes printed on them, or you can have attendees tap the My QR Code feature in the Webex Events Mobile App and scan barcodes from their device screens.

Animated GIF showing a user scanning a QR code from an attendee's My QR Code feature.

Missing something?

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Questions? For help with any outside vendors, please contact their support.

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