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About TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker lets presenters create fully customized and engaging trivia games and game shows to engage with virtual or in-person audiences. Use any of their 4 different game styles to help attendees get familiar with speakers and sponsors, add excitement to your live streams, host game show nights, and more.

Screenshot of TriviaMaker's game selection page.

TriviaMaker resources

TriviaMaker provides a variety of resources for their customers, including helpful feature-specific tutorials and a very detailed FAQ page. If you have any other questions, you can also reach out to their Support Team by submitting a ticket.

Create a game

TriviaMaker is cloud-based, so once you create an account, you can make a game and then display it on a TV or projector. In this article, we'll show you how to embed it in your Event App!

Screenshot of the Choose a Display Option page in TriviaMaker.

First, select one of the game styles, then enter a name and optional description. Refer to the TriviaMaker resources linked above for guidance on the other basic options you can configure.

Screenshot of the game creation page in TriviaMaker.

Next, click the Content section to start adding your game questions and answers. You can add these one-by-one or import them with a spreadsheet. Simply download their template file, fill in the questions and answers, and then upload it back to TriviaMaker! Whichever option you use, refer to TriviaMaker's instructions for specific directions.

Screenshot of the Content section of the TriviaMaker game creation process.

When you're ready to share the game with your audience, click the Share button and copy the link.

Embed TriviaMaker in Webex Events

Once you have the link to your game, you're ready to embed the game in your Event App.

Add a TriviaMaker feature

If you'd like a dedicated feature in your event where folks can play the game, you can do so with the Web Link feature.

Simply add the Web Link feature to your event, edit it, and enter the URL that you copied in the previous step. Make sure you uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' box so the game will embed in your event's Web App. You don't need to use the Pass Data to URL checkbox.

Screenshot of the Edit Web Link modal with a link filled in.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can change the feature name and icon to better reflect your game! Click the Settings (⚙️) icon to change them.

Attendees can simply click on the game feature to start answering questions. 🧠

Screenshot of a TriviaMaker game in an event's Web App.

Embed with a Custom Tab

If you'd like to use your game to enhance audience interaction during live streams, you can add it to a Live Stream feature or an Agenda session. For more information on using Custom Tabs, check this out.

When you create an Agenda session or Live Stream feature, expand the Attendee Engagement section, click the Enable Custom Tab toggle, and paste the game link into the Website URL field. Be sure to enter a Tab Name so attendees know what to expect when they click on the tab. Click Save Changes, and you're done!

Screenshots showing the New Item modal for an Agenda session and the Edit Live Stream modal. The Custom Tab feature is enabled, and a URL has been supplied.

Web App users will see your game in a tab to the right of the live stream panel, so they can play without leaving the live stream or opening a new browser tab.

Screenshot of a TriviaMaker game embedded as a Custom Tab in an Agenda session with a Live Stream active on the Web App.

Mobile app users can click the custom tab to launch the game in their device's default browser.

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