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Is Webex Events available in every country?
Is Webex Events available in every country?
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Inclusivity and accessibility are key to our core values, and we strive to make our services available to everyone we can. In some situations, however, we're limited in our ability to serve everyone.

All Webex Events products, including the Webex Events platform, the Web App, and the Webex Events Mobile App adhere to the availability standards set forth by our parent company, Cisco. Cisco products are classified under the US Export Administration Regulations and Wassenaar Arrangement as telecommunications/networking equipment in category 5 part 2. You can retrieve the classification of Cisco’s Products and CCATs from Cisco's Public Export Product Data Tool.

Current regulations prevent Webex Events products from working in several jurisdictions. Read Cisco's complete General Export Compliance statement for the complete list.


What happens when someone tries to join an event from a restricted jurisdiction?

Attendees trying to join a Web App will encounter a blank screen after trying to log in. Mobile App attendees won't be able to download the Mobile App.

These rules are controlled by our backend servers, so if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is registered or operating out of one of these countries, they'll be blocked. This also applies if your VPN is working through an ISP provider in these areas.

I use Webex in my country, so why is it on the list?

While certain versions of Webex are permitted to operate in some countries listed above, such as China, not all versions of Webex fall into this category. One example is the free version of Webex. Webex Events (formerly Socio) operates under the same restrictions as the free version of Webex and therefore isn't permitted to operate in any of the countries listed above.

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