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Onsite Badge Types
Onsite Badge Types

How to choose a badge type and what to expect

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Webex Events Onsite lets you design and print completely custom badges that are unique to your event. You have several options when deciding which badge type and size to use, and this article guides you through each to help you make an informed decision. 🧠

💡 Keep in mind, allow at least three weeks for production time when ordering badges. Our Onsite Badge Printing Timeline article suggests 8-9 weeks before your event for the best experience.

Available badge types and sizes






Landyard slots



✔ (tear resistant)

Clear adhesive

White adhesive

💡 Keep in mind, single-sided and plain paper badges always require a badge holder because they don't have lanyard perforations. Webex Events doesn't supply badge holders.

Keep reading to learn more about each size and type.


Webex Events Onsite supports several different badge sizes ranging from 3x2 inches to 4x6 inches. The size you choose depends on your preferences and needs. Before committing to a size, think carefully about how much information you want to print on the badge. Smaller sizes limit the amount of available space for information and could ultimately lead to cramped-looking badges.

4 by 6 and 4 by 3 single-sided badges.


There are also different badge types to choose from, including single or double-sided paper badges and clear or white adhesive labels. Some types require ribbon, which adds a step to the printer configuration process.

We generally recommend tear-resistant 4x3 or 4x6 double-sided badges. These badges are durable, have three lanyard slots, and are the easiest to print. They don't require badge holders or printer ribbon.

4 by 6 and 4 by 3 double-sided badges.

Lanyard slots have punch-outs to suit your lanyard preferences, whether single clip or double clip. Only double-sided tear-resistant badges have lanyard slots.

A double-sided badge with a lanyard attached.

For other types of badges, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Clear adhesive badges always require ribbon to print and always come in rolls.

  • Clear adhesive badges must be adhered to another blank or pre-printed badge, such as a plastic badge.

    Picture of 3 by 2 white and clear adhesive badges.
  • Single-sided badges don't have lanyard perforations, so they require a badge holder. Since Webex Events doesn't supply badge holders, you must source them yourself.

  • Regular paper (not tear-resistant) badges require a badge holder, even if they're double-sided.


The ZD620 and ZD621 printers we support only print in black and white. If you want badges with color, consider one of the following options:

  • Order paper badges with pre-printed color designs, then print attendee information on those pre-printed badges.

  • Order plastic badges with pre-printed color designs, then print attendee information on clear adhesive badges and adhere them to the plastic badges.

💡 Keep in mind, pre-printing badges costs extra.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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