We're absolutely pleased as punch to bring you two amazing quality of life upgrades for Registration and the Socio Platform at large! 🍷 There's also a small update to Attendance Management.

Registration Form Questions

No one likes entering the same information over and over, so we've improved how we handle custom Questions in Socio Registration!

Previously, when creating a Checkout Form, any Question you wanted to add to multiple different forms had to be created from scratch in each form. You could copy Questions by cloning the entire form and then removing any unneeded Questions, but that's a lot of work. 😓

Now, the Checkout Forms tab has two different sub-tabs: Forms and Questions. This should seem familiar since it's similar to how you configure Categories and Tracks in the Event App.

Click the Questions tab to create all the Questions you'll need in your entire registration and assign each one to Forms you've already made.

Need to make a new Form after you've made all your Questions? When you create new Checkout Forms, you can easily search for and select the Questions you need for that form! 🙌

For a complete look at creating Checkout Forms and Questions, check this out.

Notification Center

Ever been pinned down by a file upload? 📌 It's the 21st century, and no one should have to twiddle their thumbs while they wait for an import or export to finish.

Previously, when you imported or exported a file in Socio Registration, Event Apps, or Lead Retrieval, a progress window would appear until the process was complete. For larger files, this could take a while, and closing the window would stop the file from processing.

The new Socio Platform Notification Center is here to set you free and get you back to work! Now, when you import or export a file, the process takes place in the background, and the Notification Center keeps you up to date on progress even if you switch to working on another event or Socio Product.

When a file is done processing, a notification appears in the top right corner of the screen, letting you know it's done. If you were exporting a file, the link to the download is included in the notification. If you were importing, click the Click here to view link in the notification to go to the feature or product the file was imported to.

If you missed a notification, don't worry! The new bell icon in the top right corner of any screen in the Socio Platform shows a red dot if there are any notifications you haven't acknowledged yet. Click the bell icon to see all notifications for the past 30 days. Each notification shows the file name, date of the import/export, and the name of the event where the file was processed.

Attendance Management change

When you create an Agenda session, one of the options available to you is Attendance Management which lets you control who can add a session to their personal agenda. We've made a small update that moves the Session Participants panel into a separate modal outside the Edit Session modal.

Now, when you're editing a session, you'll still select the Status, enter the Maximum Attendance limit, and edit the Denial message. To add attendees to the Session Participants list or view which attendees have added a session to their personal agenda, simply click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the session, and click Session Participants.

Animated GIF showing the new participant management process.

For complete instructions on using Attendance Management, check this out.

That was a lot of reading. Have a cookie. 🍪 Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, and keep the feedback coming!

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