There are three different places you can manage attendees in a Webex Event, depending on which products you're using — Registration, Onsite, and the Event App. Each product lets you add attendees to your Event and manage them in different ways. You can only add and edit attendees in Onsite if you're not using Registration or the Event App.

When Registration is published in your Event, all attendees with complete orders automatically appear in Onsite's Attendees page. If you need to add attendees and you're not using Registration, we recommend you start importing attendees at least 2-3 weeks before your event so you have plenty of time to set up badges and test.


Attendee Types

Before we start adding and editing attendees, let's talk about Attendee Types. As the name implies, Attendee Types differentiate one group of attendees from another. For example, you could add Attendee Types for VIPs, backstage access, students, in-person, or virtual attendees, to name a few. You can add Attendee Types to Webex Events Onsite in one of three ways:

  1. Tickets in Webex Events Registration are added to Webex Events Onsite as Attendee Types

  2. Via Onsite's Attendee Import process

  3. When adding an attendee in Onsite

Custom Attendee Types aren't required for badge printing, though they can be helpful if you plan to print different badges for different groups of people. For more on how Attendee Types are used to customize badges, read our Onsite Badge Creation article.

Changing Attendee Type

If you need to change an attendee's Attendee Type, and Registration is active for your Event, you must re-register the attendee under the correct ticket using a different email address than the one they initially registered with.

If Registration isn't active in your Event, simply edit the attendee in Onsite as described later in this article. Read our article about managing attendees in Registration to learn more.

Add an Attendee

⭐️ Keep in mind, this option is only available if you're not using Registration with Onsite.

In your Event under 'Onsite', click Attendees, then click the New Attendee button.

Screenshot showing the left menu and the New Attendee button.

In the modal that appears, select an existing Attendee Type, or click Create New Attendee Type to add a new one.

Screenshot of the New Attendee modal.

Now, fill in the attendee's information. If you need to note the attendee's Ticket Number or External ID from another platform, be sure to enter those numbers exactly. Otherwise, leave those fields blank.

Click Save changes when you're done.

The new attendee appears in the list, and you can view their profile by clicking their name or via the Settings (⚙️) icon.

Import Attendees

⭐️ Keep in mind, this option is only available if you're not using Registration with Onsite.

If you're not using Webex Events Registration, no problem! Import your registrant list into Webex Events Onsite with our handy import template. Add answers to questions, group or track information, and more as custom questions, then print the information on badges, or use it to tailor badge designs to specific attendee types.

Export the template

In your Event under 'Onsite', click Attendees, then click the Import button. In the modal that appears, click the Download button to download the import template.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend that you include a test attendee you can use to test badge printing without checking any real attendees in. 🧠

Edit the template

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet program, and use the Instructions sheet to learn how to add attendee data to the Attendees sheet. Although the sheet is pretty straightforward to fill in, there are a few elements that need a little more explanation:

  • External ID - Onsite generates QR codes for each attendee automatically. If you want to use specific values for QR codes, simply add those to the External ID column, and Onsite will use those values to generate QR codes instead.

Screenshot showing a portion of the Attendees sheet with some data filled in. The list of sheets at the bottom of the window is indicated.
  • Custom Questions - If you need to add custom question data to the file, simply add the questions at the top of the Attendees sheet, followed by a dash and the correct Question Type code found on the Appendix sheet.

    • Here's an example: "What is your t-shirt size? - SC" would import as a Single Select type custom question.

  • Groups and Tracks - Import things like groups and tracks where there may be more than one selection per person.

    • Here's an example: When adding group selections, enter "Groups - CB" as the column header, then enter multiple groups for a single person separated by a comma.

Screenshot showing the example just mentioned in a file.

If you don't already have data for some fields, you can still import attendees without them so you can design badges and create visibility rules. Fill in more attendee information later by exporting, editing, and re-importing them. 👍

Import the file

When you're done editing your file, save it without changing the file name and use the Upload your file step in the Import modal to import your attendees.

Screenshot of the Import modal. The 'Upload your file' step is indicated.

A notification appears letting you know that the upload is in progress. While the file is processing, you can continue to work on other aspects of the Event. Once the file finishes importing, the "It's Done!" message appears.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you miss the notification, don't worry! From any page in the Webex Events Platform, simply click the notification bell icon next to the Help button to view a list of past notifications.

Screenshots showing the Processing and it's done messages.

If there were errors during the import, click the View Error Report button to see a detailed description of what went wrong and the exact cell(s) that caused the error, when relevant. Once you've fixed any errors, simply try the import again!

Manage Attendees

If you need to edit attendee information, and Registration is active in your Event, you must make any changes in the Attendees tab of Registration.

Export attendees

To export existing attendees so you can make mass edits in Onsite, check the box at the top of the Attendees page, click the three-dot icon, and click Export.

After a few moments, you'll see a message saying the export was successful. Click the Click here to download link to download the file, and make any edits in your preferred spreadsheet program.

Refer to the instructions above to re-import the file after making changes.

Edit an attendee

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you want to change an attendee's Type/ticket type, and Registration is active in your Event, you must register them as a new entry with a different email than their original.

If you imported attendee data into Onsite, simply click on an attendee's name to open their profile. In the 'Attendee Detail' section, click the Settings (⚙️) icon, then click Edit.

Screenshot of the Attendee Detail section of an Attendee page. The settings menu is expanded.

In the modal that appears, you can view and edit the following:

Screenshot of the Edit Attendee modal.
  • Attendee Type

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Company Name

  • Location

  • Profile Image

  • Ticket Number

  • External ID

  • Custom Information - There could be any number of custom fields associated with attendees, depending on registration information and imported data. They all appear at the bottom of the Edit Attendee modal.

Click Save Changes when you're done.


During and after check-in, use the Metrics page to track attendee check-in activity, including badge reprints, check-ins over time, printer usage, and more! You can filter for specific Attendee Types, Check-in Types, or Printer Locations for specific dates or date ranges.

Screenshot of the Onsite Metrics page.

For more details, read our Onsite Metrics article!

Now that you know all about Onsite Attendees and Attendee Types, read our Onsite App Configuration guide to learn how to set up the Webex Events Onsite App!

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