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What's included with my Webex Events Onsite hardware rental?
What's included with my Webex Events Onsite hardware rental?
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When you use Webex Events Onsite for event check-in and badge printing, you have the option to rent all the equipment you need from us! We ship your rental kit to the venue three days before the event so you have plenty of time to set up and test before the big day.

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This brief article tells you what to expect when you rent Onsite equipment from Webex Events. If you're planning to source your own equipment for Onsite, use this information to determine what you'll need.

💡 Keep in mind, Webex Events doesn't currently offer Session Check-in iPad or iPhone rentals.

Kit contents

There are two kits: a small one and a large one. The type and number of kits you receive depends on your event size.

Picture of a small Onsite kit box with its lid open and some of the contents unpacked.

Your Onsite hardware shipment will contain at least one of the following:

  • Zebra ZD620 or ZD621 printer

    • Power cable

    • Network cable

  • Apple iPad with protective case

    • Power cable and brick

  • iPad stand

  • Router with SIM

    • Power cable

    • Network cable

  • Badge stock*

  • Folder with return labels, setup instructions, and zip ties to secure boxes for return

*Unless you chose to source your badge stock somewhere else, your Onsite kit will also include your badge stock.

💡 Keep in mind, single-sided badges require badge holders. Webex Events doesn't supply badge holders or lanyards. We can help you work directly with our preferred vendor to purchase them.

How much equipment is included in your rental kit depends on the size of your event. The following table shows the breakdown of what you'll receive for several event sizes.





Badge Stock
















💡 Keep in mind, make sure you have enough power outlets available for each device. Based on the table above, if your event has 1000 people, your Onsite kit will contain 11 devices that should be plugged in. For larger events, reach out to your Webex Events contact for information on how many devices are included in your kit.

We always recommend having plenty of extra badge stock for testing and re-prints in case of lost or damaged badges. That's why the number of badges is always larger than the number of attendees.

Reach out to your Webex Events contact for rental pricing details. Once you have your kit in hand, follow the instructions in our Webex Events Onsite Hardware Setup article to get your Onsite equipment up and running!

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