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For Fun: Create Interactive Workshops with
For Fun: Create Interactive Workshops with
Get your attendees talking with chats, games, and more
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⚠️ Caution, this article is intended to share a potential fun use case for our incredibly flexible platform. We don't have a partnership with any vendors listed in this article, and our team doesn't provide technical support for their products. For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

For examples of our For Fun articles in action, join our For Fun demo event by clicking the button below. 👇 Simply sign up for the Event App with your email or social login and start exploring!

About is a user-friendly service that lets you create interactive workshops. Create an agenda, let participants queue up for questions, and create breakout rooms to increase participant networking opportunities.

💡 Keep in mind, while has a free basic version, they offer free 7-day trials for their paid plans. Refer to their pricing page for more information.

Screenshot of embedded in the Web App.

Visit their features page to learn about all the possibilities!

💡 Keep in mind, Mobile App attendees must download the Butter app to access the space. resources

Refer to the Handbook for instructions, tips, and help along the way.

Create your Workshop Room

Head to and click the Sign up for free button to create an account and start your journey. Follow the instructions in Butter's Getting Started article to create a workspace and design a room.

When you make the room for your Event App, we recommend uploading your event’s logo and adding a theme color to match your event’s branding.

Copy the Room URL

When you're done setting up the room, click the Start session button on the right side of the screen. In the new browser tab that opens, copy the URL from the address bar. You'll paste it into a Web Link feature in the next step.

Screenshow showing the Start session button.

Embed your Butter room in Webex Events

In the Webex Events platform, add a Web Link feature to your Event App. Edit the feature and paste the URL you copied in the previous step. Make sure you uncheck 'Open link in external browser' box so the room embeds in your event's Web App. You don't need to use the 'Pass Data to URL' checkbox.

Screenshots showing the process just described. The Open link in external browser option is indicated.

💡 Keep in mind, to change the feature name and icon to better reflect your Butter Workshop room, simply click the feature's Settings (⚙️) icon to change them.

You're all set! Attendees using the your Event App's web version can join your room and interact without leaving the Event App.

Screenshot of a Butter video room in the Web App.

When Mobile App users tap the Butter feature in your Event App, they're directed to the Butter app, if it's installed, or to a page where they can download the app on their device.

Missing something?

Let us know if you used this in your event and found a specific feature useful, or if we missed something that you think we should share with other customers.

Questions? For help with any outside vendors, contact their support.

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