Category improvements

Most features in the Socio Platform that show a list of individual items - Speakers, Sponsors, Documents, etc. - let you apply one category to each item. Attendees can see which items are related and filter the items in the feature by category. In short, categories have been very basic — until now! 💥

Screenshots showing the old and new versions of the New Category modals.

We're pleased to announce these awesome improvements to categories:

  • Multiple Categories - An item can now be assigned to multiple categories. This lets attendees filter lots of items with more precision to find exactly what they're looking for. 🕵️‍♀️

  • Category Colors - Categories can now be assigned a color for easier visual distinction between categories. 🌈

  • Visible To - You can now apply groups to categories to restrict visibility to only attendees in those groups. 🔒

Attendees will now see categories listed very similarly to tracks.

Screenshot of the Sponsors feature. Some of the sponsors have multiple categories assigned.

On mobile, if the categories don't fit on the screen, users can scroll to the side to see the rest.

Animated GIF of a Speakers feature on a mobile device. The user is horizontally scrolling categories.

Take a look at our guide to using categories to learn more about these improvements!

Show participants list

Under Agenda settings, you can uncheck the Show participants list box to prevent Attendees from seeing who else has added an Agenda session to their personal agenda.

Unchecking the box now also removes the participant count from each session.

For more on the Agenda feature, check this out.

Your Events with [Connection Name]

Web App attendees can now see which other events they'll be attending with people they've connected with. When viewing a connection's profile, the Your Events with [Connection Name] section that was previously only visible on the mobile app now appears.

Connection search in messages

Attendees can now search their connections when creating a new private message or adding someone to an existing one. This makes it much easier and faster to start conversations after connecting! 🗣️

As always, we're thrilled to keep improving the Socio Platform for YOU! Keep the feedback coming - we're listening. 👂

Load New Posts button

When attendees are browsing the Wall, and someone makes a new post, they'll now see the Load New Posts button. Previously, the Wall would automatically refresh, taking the attendee back to the top of the wall.

Faster load times

Last, but not least, we've made some improvements to how quickly pages load on the Web App and Mobile App. This is especially impactful for events with high attendee counts. 🏃

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