Partial Refunds/Cancellations

You asked, and we answered! When multiple people registered for an event or community on a single order using Socio Registration, there wasn't any way to refund a single ticket - until now. 🥳

When you click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to an order on the Orders page and click either Cancel Order or Refund, a new modal appears.

Screenshots of the Cancel and Refund modals.

You can select one or multiple tickets to refund or cancel. When you complete the action, the order's status will reflect the change, and email notifications will be sent out as usual.

With this change, there are now two new statuses: X/Y Complete and Refunded/Canceled.

Screenshot of the Orders page. The new statuses just mentioned are indicated.

If only some of the tickets were either canceled or refunded, the Status shows X/Y Complete. If one or more tickets were refunded, and the rest were canceled, the status shows Refunded/Canceled.

It's that simple! Go check out the Manage Orders article for a complete look at the refund/cancellation process.

Metrics: Filter by Groups

Another highly requested feature is the ability to see metrics for only people assigned to specific Groups. Now you can! Simply click the new Filter by Groups option and select the Group(s) you want to see, then click Apply Filters.

To return to seeing metrics for everyone in the event or community, simply click Clear All, and then Apply Filters.

Screenshot of the Filter by Groups button and dropdown.

⭐ Keep in mind, the Filter by Groups function only affects metrics as viewed on the Metrics page. Data exports will always include all attendees in the event.

Take a look at the article about the Metrics page for a complete overview of all the data goodies it has to offer. 📈

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