Invoice & Check Payments

If you want to let registrants pay cash, write a check, or use some other means of payment, you now can! We've just rolled out two new options for Registration: Check and Invoice. Get. Paid. 💰

When you visit the Payments page of your registration event, you can enable one or both of the new options in the Additional Payment Options field.

Screenshot of the Additional Payment Options section of the Payments page.

If both options are enabled, registrants will see three options on the registration form - Credit Card, Invoice, and Check.

Screenshot showing the Credit Card, Pay by invoice, and Pay by check options in a registration flow.

If registrants choose invoice or check, they'll receive their invoice, but no ticket or receipt, and they won't be synced with a linked Event or Community. The ticket(s) and receipt will be sent in a separate confirmation as soon as you click Mark as Paid from the Orders page. How and when you collect payment is up to you. 👍

Screenshot of the Orders page. The Settings cog is expanded to reveal the Mark as Paid option.

For full details on using Invoice and Check payments, check this out!

Email Recipient Type

With the release of Invoice and Check payment options, we've also added the new Recipient Type selection in registration emails.

Screenshot of the Recipient Type and Recipient fields.

You can now select Attendee or Purchaser as the type. The Attendee selection lets you choose attendees by Tickets and Groups. The Purchaser selection lets you choose All Purchasers, Invoice, or Check. This lets you send payment reminders to people who paid offline or anyone who paid for registration! ⏲️

For a complete look at registration emails, check this out!

Socio Platform URL restructure

This one may not seem exciting, but it's going to open the door for future improvements to the Socio Platform! We've now greatly simplified the URL structure of each page in the Socio Platform to read more like breadcrumbs than gibberish. Drake likes it. 🐉

Image of the

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