Providing live stream recordings to your attendees within your Socio event is a very simple process! Follow the 3 easy steps in this article, and you'll have those recordings ready in no time. 📺

Step 1: Download the recording

If you're using Socio Streaming, simply download the MP4 recording from Restream. In the Studio, click the Download recordings button next to the Go Live button, and choose either Full video, or Full audio. If you went live in the studio multiple times, recordings are listed by date and time from most to least recent.

If you're not using Socio Streaming, reference the documentation for your chosen provider to find out where to download the recording.

Step 2: Host the recording online

Socio doesn't offer video hosting, so there's nowhere to upload your video on the Socio Platform. To share a video in your event, host the video on a video hosting site and add a link to the recording in the Socio Platform. Popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia work well.

Simply upload the video to your chosen site, and copy the embed link to the video.

An embed link will often include the word "embed", like the one YouTube provides when you click Share and then Embed.

Screenshot of the Embed Video modal on YouTube. The embed URL is highlighted.

Step 3: Add the recording to your event

There are two different ways to add recording URLs to your event, and the one you choose may depend on which feature you used for the live stream.

Add it to an Agenda session

If you ran the live stream in an Agenda session, you can add the recording link to that Agenda session. Simply edit the session, scroll down to the Live Stream section, select the correct Provider from the list, and then paste in the link.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you should leave the Open in external browser box unchecked so that the video opens in your Socio event. If you selected Other as the Provider, test to ensure the video plays inside the event.

Screenshot of the Live Stream section of the Edit Session modal. The Video Recording area is highlighted.

Once the end time for the session has been reached, attendees will see the View Recording button under the session title.

The button takes attendees to the session's page, and the video will automatically start playing. The video will include the playback controls from the hosting site, so attendees can pause the video, use the playback slider to scan forward or backward in the recording, and adjust volume.

Add a Recordings feature (Web List)

If you've got multiple recordings for different sessions, or if you used the Live Stream feature, you can add a Web List feature and rename it as "Recordings". Then, you can paste each video's link in a new item in the list. This is a very user-friendly way to provide multiple recordings to your attendees since they're all gathered together in one place. If you only had one live stream, you can add the video with the Web Link feature.

Here's how your Recordings feature might look:

Screenshot of a Web List feature labeled

When attendees click on a recording, the video will open in the event, provided you left the Open in external browser option unchecked.

Screenshot of a YouTube video embedded in the Socio platform.

It's that easy to add your live stream recordings to your Socio event!

Pro tips! 😎

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection when you download the recording and when you upload it to your chosen hosting site. This will ensure you get the recording out to your attendees as quickly as possible.

  • If you upload the recording to an Agenda session, Web App users can click away from the recording and keep watching it in the lower right corner of the screen while they interact with your event.

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