Socio provides two places where you can show your attendees a live stream: the Live Stream feature, and in each Agenda session. Beyond deciding which live streaming provider to use, you may also wonder whether it makes more sense to use the Live Stream feature, or the Agenda feature to show your live streams.

This article is here to explain some general best practices on which to use, and then offer pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision. If you're still unsure about what's best for your event, feel free to live chat our support team using the bubble in the lower right corner of this screen.

General guidelines

  • If you're running an event of only a few hours with one or two sessions happening one right after another or even spread over a couple days, the Live Stream feature is probably going to be your best bet. Putting one or two sessions in the Agenda feature simply adds an extra step for attendees to join the streams and isn't necessary - especially since you can Go Live multiple times in a single streaming studio.

  • If your event will have sessions going at the same time, you should use Agenda sessions for your live streams. Attendees may get confused by multiple live streams in the feature list, so directing them to the Agenda will help differentiate between one session and another via description and speaker info.

  • We don't recommend using a combination of both the Live Stream feature and the Agenda because it may cause confusion for attendees as to where to access streams.

Live Stream feature pros and cons

Screenshot of a live stream in a Socio event.


  • The Live Stream feature is listed along with all your other features, so it's easy to find, and attendees don't have to juggle multiple links to different streams.

  • Speakers all use the same link, so there's no risk of confusion between the links for one session and another.

  • Having only one link and one stream makes it less complicated for you to manage the stream.

  • Fewer moderators/admins may be needed.


  • If you want to use Chat, Q&A and Polling, or simply see who joined each session, it can be harder to parse out what happened in each session because everything appears together in Metrics and data exports.

  • The Live Stream feature may not be a good option when there will be multiple live streams going at once. Clear naming may alleviate this, but attendees might still get confused.

  • If you're having a single stream with multiple sessions, you have to commit to one streaming provider. Plan carefully to ensure every feature you'll need for each session is available with your chosen provider. Remember that you can Go Live multiple times in the same studio with Socio Streaming!

  • In Agenda sessions, attendees can take notes on each session, which isn't available for the Live Stream feature.

Agenda feature pros and cons:

Screenshot of a live stream in an Agenda session.


  • You can have different live stream providers for each session, giving you lots of flexibility with how each stream is produced and structured.

  • Chat, Q&A, Polling, and attendance are much easier to track since each session's data is separate from the others in Metrics and data exports.

  • This is your best option for events that will have multiple live streams happening at the same time.

  • Attendees can add Agenda sessions to their personal agenda, and use the note taking feature.


  • Attendees have to navigate the Agenda between every session. If they don't leverage the Personal Agenda feature, this can get confusing.

  • Each session has a different live stream link. This will require a level of coordination and organization to ensure links don't get confused and that people are in the right place at the right time.

  • More individual sessions to launch and manage may mean more moderators or admins.

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