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Streaming and Moderating

How many speakers or presenters can be on a stream at a given time?

You can have 10 people in the studio and on screen at a time. This total isn't affected by someone sharing their screen, even though the screen share appears as if it were an additional speaker. Anyone with the link can join and no login of any kind is required. If you have more than 10 people joining your stream, you may choose to have a "waiting room" in another meeting tool, or use another streaming tool with Socio's RTMP Player.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you should never share the link that opens when you click Launch Studio. This link is unique to you and expires after 24 hours.

Can I invite a speaker as an admin so they can control backgrounds, banners, chats, etc?

You can use this process to invite the person to your event team. Once they've joined your team, they can edit the Agenda session or Live Stream feature and click the Enter Studio button so they can control all the back-end features of the stream.

⚠️ Caution! Do not share the URL the browser displays after you click Enter Studio. Multiple users joining the studio with the same URL can cause problems. Anyone who will be controlling background, banners, chats, etc. should use the process described above.

What happens when my studio is full?

If there are already 10 presenters in the studio, and an 11th person tries to join, the Host(s) will get a notification in the Studio that someone just tried to join, but there was no space for them.

Decorative image.

The speaker also sees a message notifying them that the studio is full, and they can click the Retry button to try to join again.

If you want to let a new presenter into the studio, someone else must leave the studio, or you can remove someone. To remove someone, simply click the three dots next to their video preview, and click Remove Guest.

Can I test my stream?

Yes, but if you want to Go Live during your test, be careful doing it with a real session or Live Stream feature! You can Go Live multiple times in a single studio, but if attendees are already using the Event App, you may want to make a test stream.

If I leave the Studio after I click Go Live, will the stream end?

If you click Go Live, and then everyone leaves the studio, the stream will auto-close after 5 minutes. If this happens, you can still click Go Live again. 👍

How many streams can I run at once?

There is technically no limit to how many streams you can run at once, but we recommend using sessions for concurrent streams. You should also plan carefully to have speakers, moderators, etc. well-coordinated.

Can I choose the streaming quality?

Yes. Restream's default streaming quality is 1080p, but you can click the Settings (⚙️) icon in the studio to select 720p. A lower streaming quality can help ensure a consistent and inclusive experience for speakers and attendees alike across all devices, locations, and connection speeds.

What is the suggested resolution for Socio's RTMP Player?

We suggest a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Can I stream a session to my event and another site (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) at the same time with Restream?

With Restream, no. With the Socio RTMP player, yes!

Can I see Q&A answers in the Studio?

There isn't a way to see Q&A answers in the Studio, but if you have your attendees use chat instead, you will be able to see chat messages in the Chat tab on the right side of the studio.

Can I send messages to attendees from the Studio?

We don't offer the ability for speakers to interact with stream chat unless they also have the stream open as an attendee in a different tab or on a different device.

Can I remove unwanted messages from the live stream chat?

There isn't any way to remove chat messages from a live stream unless you completely block the user who posted the message. This removed them from your event or community and is not recommended unless under very severe circumstances.

Can I show PowerPoint presentations in the Restream studio?


If your slides don't have video, audio, or animations, we recommend using Restream's Presentations feature under Add Source.

⭐️ Keep in mind, guests who joined the studio with a Speaker Link can also add and control slides added with the Presentations feature. Only you can click the toggle to add presentations into the live stream, however.

If your slides do have video, audio, or animations, we recommend opening the presentation in the Chrome browser using Google Slides, and use Restream's Share Screen feature. Be sure to only share the presentation tab, and check the Share tab audio box before you click Share.

How do I show my PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode with only one monitor?

Import your presentation into Google Slides, and make sure all the formatting is good. Open the presentation in a separate browser tab from Restream. In Google Slides, click the arrow next to Present and select Presenter View. When the Presenter View window opens, decrease the size of both browser windows so you can see both the Restream studio and your slides. When it's time to share your screen, share only the Google Slides browser tab, NOT your whole screen or the presenter view window. Now, proceed through the presentation as you normally would. You'll be able to see your speaker notes and the run time clock as you go!

⭐️ Keep in mind, if your presentation contains a video, be sure to check the Share Audio box when selecting the tab to window share. We don't advise sharing your whole screen for a presentation since the Share Audio box may not be available.

Can I see who watched a live stream and for how long?

Yes, if you use Socio Streaming or the Socio RTMP player! Our robust Metrics and Video Analytics report downloads have all the click and view data you need. If you need this information to award Continuing Education credits, check this out. For a complete look at the Video Analytics report, click here.


How long can the videos I upload to the Video Clips section be?

When sharing videos or pre-recorded content, we recommend using the Video Clips feature for content under 1 hour long. You can upload MP4, FLV, MOV, TS. WEBM, or GIF files that are 2 GB or less AND 1 hour or less in length. These should be intro, outro or sponsor videos, or video overlays.

For pre-recorded videos from 1 to 20 hours long, you can use either the Video storage feature or the Local video feature to show a video file. You can also check out another broadcasting software.

⭐️ Keep in mind, video clips MUST be 16:9 ratio and no less than 720p. Processing/upload time will vary depending on internet connection. Uploads could take up to 2x the video duration (example: a 1 hour video may take up to 2 hours to upload and process).

Do I have to upload videos/graphics/banners to every streaming studio in my event?

Nope! When you upload something to one studio, it'll be instantly available in all the others.

Is there any way to share video larger than 2 GB/longer than 1 hour?

Yes! Simply use the Video storage or Local video features. Click the Add source (+) button, and select the option you want.

Screenshot of the Add to your stream modal.
  • Video Storage videos must be uploaded to the studio, Descript, Google Drive, or Dropbox ahead of time. Videos must be 5GB or less and no longer than 2 hours.

    ⚠️ Caution! Before you paste in a link to a video stored on Descript, Google Drive, or Dropbox, make sure the link is set to be shared publicly or the video may not play. Always test ahead of the actual live stream.

  • Local video lets you choose a video file from your device to share instantly. The quality of streaming local video may be reduced depending on your internet speed. We recommend uploading to Video Storage when possible for the best results.

How many pre-recorded videos can I share?

Video Clips: up to 200

Video Storage: up to 25

Local video: Unlimited

Each host in the studio can "queue up" one video at a time, and only one video from any source can be active in the stream at once. If a host adds a second video, it will replace the first. For details on using Video Clips, Video Storage, and Local video, check this out.

What are the dimensions for Logos, Overlays, and Backgrounds, in Restream?

Logo: 512×512 px PNG or JPG

Overlay image: 1920x1080 (recommended) PNG or JPG

Background image: 1920x1080 (recommended) PNG or JPG

Where can I find graphics to use in my stream?

You can create overlays, backgrounds, logos and any other types of graphics in programs like Canva, Photoshop, and Figma. If you rather have someone else do this for you, consider looking at StreamerTemplates. StreamerTemplates offers a large selection of both free and paid templates.

What is the character limit for Banners?

120 characters for the Primary text and 120 for the Secondary text.

Can I include closed captions?

Yes! Check out this article to learn how to implement them in your event.

Recording and Encoding

Is the stream recorded automatically?

Yes! However, the recording has a 20 hour limit. If your stream will run for longer than 20 hours, consider recording with a different platform through the RTMP player.

Can I prevent the stream from being recorded?

All streams are automatically recorded, and the recording feature cannot be turned off. If you're working with sponsors or speakers who are concerned for privacy reasons, you might consider using the RTMP player with an alternative streaming service.

After the stream, how long does it take for the recording to be downloadable?

In most cases, the recording will be available within 1 minute.

Where can I find the recording, and what's the recording format?

After you click End Stream, a "Preparing recordings" progress bar appears above the stream preview.

When the recordings are ready, this turns into the Download recordings button. When you click the button, a modal appears with Full Video and Full Audio download options for each interval between when you clicked Go Live and End Stream. Video files are MP4 format, and audio is M4A.

⭐ Keep in mind, the Download recordings button isn't visible while you're live.

How long are recordings available?

Each recording is available for 30 days after you click End Stream. After 30 days, a recording is deleted and unrecoverable. Be sure to download recordings right after clicking End Stream if you want to post the recordings.

Connectivity and Browsers

Is there a dial-in option?

No. Users may only join via the Web App or the mobile app.

Do I need to use an ethernet connection to present/view?

It's not required for presenters or viewers to use an ethernet connection, but for the best streaming experience, plugging into your router is recommended over using WiFi.

What is the minimum internet speed required for presenters?

You’ll want an upload speed of at least 10 Mbps upload speed. You can test your speed here. Make sure you’re looking at upload speed, not download.

What is the minimum internet speed required for viewers?

According to Restream, viewers need a minimum of 10Mbps upload/download speed to watch a stream. Keep in mind that users can still experience varying stream quality depending on a wide range of variables, even if they have good internet speed. Things that can impact viewer stream quality include network latency, WiFi saturation, hardware limitations, and viewers running multiple programs at once, to name a few.

What browser should I use?

Chrome and Firefox both work well. We recommend Chrome for the best experience.


The stream isn't picking up my mic. What do I do?

  1. Are you using the correct mic? Click the Settings (⚙️) button to check.

  2. Are you using a headset or mic with a mute button? Make sure it’s not muted.

  3. Is another program using your mic (another meeting tool for example)? Quit those, then refresh the page.

  4. Did you mute your mic in your computer settings?

  5. Restart your browser. If that doesn’t work, restart your device. This fixes most issues.

  6. Still not working? Reach out. We’re happy to help!

I'm on a Mac, and I lost camera/mic access. What do I do?

On Macs, your browser may lose access to your camera and mic.

  1. On your Mac, click the Apple logo in the top left > System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

  2. Click Privacy

  3. Click Camera

  4. Check the box next to your browser

  5. Click Microphone

  6. Check the box next to your browser

I'm on an iOS device, and I lost camera/mic access. What do I do?

Ensure Safari has camera/mic access

  1. Open your iPhone/iPad settings.

  2. Find Safari in the settings list and ensure camera/mic access is on.

Ensure Socio Streaming has camera/mic access

If you’re on iOS 13 or higher, follow these steps as well:

  1. On Socio Streaming, tap the AA icon, then Website Settings.

  2. Ensure both camera and mic access are set to Ask or Allow.

I'm on a Mac Catalina, and my browser lost access to my screen. What do I do?

On Mac Catalina, your browser may lose access to your screen.

  1. On your Mac, click the Apple logo in the top left > System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

  2. Click Privacy

  3. Click Screen Recording

  4. Check the box next to your browser

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