'Sup streamers? Ever since Socio launched Socio Streaming, we've been working exclusively with StreamYard as our preferred streaming provider. Now, we're bringing on an additional streaming partner - Restream.

Screenshot of the Restream studio.

When you select a live streaming provider for an Agenda session or Live Stream, you'll now see two options for Socio Streaming: Socio Streaming by Restream and Socio Streaming by StreamYard.

Screenshot of a Session's Live Stream settings panel. Live Stream is enabled.

When you select Restream, you'll still see the Launch Studio button and the Speaker instructions. When you enter the Restream studio, you'll quickly realize it's a lot like StreamYard in many ways. You've got access to Chat messages from attendees, custom branding, overlays, captions (banners), video clips, and more! For a full feature comparison, check this out.

Screenshot of the Grahics tab in the Restream studio.

Got a speaker that's much more comfortable with StreamYard, but others are excited to try Restream? No problem! No matter which Socio Streaming provider you select, your streaming credits can be used for either of them, so you can mix and match.

We're thrilled to be providing you this additional option for producing amazing live streams, and, as always, we're excited to always keep improving Socio for YOU!

For a complete look at using Restream in your event, check this out.

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