We don't blame you if you zoned out a bit reading that massive title. The point is, Registration just got better with several small but mighty enhancements! 💪

  • You can now clone Tickets and Checkout Forms!

  • We've removed the 2-answer minimum for the Checkbox Select (formerly Multi-select) and Single Select Checkout Form question types

  • We let you disable the Download Ticket button included in every confirmation email on a per-ticket basis.

  • You can now see hidden Groups in the Integrations to Event App section when creating a new Ticket, provided your Registration is linked to your event.

Clone Tickets and Checkout Forms

Save yourself a little work - or a lot! When you click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to an existing Ticket or Checkout Form, you'll now see the Clone option.

Screenshot of a ticket's Settings icon clicked and expanded.

Click Clone, and a modal will open where all of the settings are exactly the same as the Ticket or Checkout Form you're cloning from, with a couple of exceptions.

Two screenshots. One shows the Clone Ticket modal. The other shows the Clone Checkout Form modal.

When cloning a Ticket, any Discount or Promo applied to the existing Ticket you're cloning won't be associated with the new cloned ticket.

When cloning a Checkout Form, everything will copy over exactly except for the Tickets assigned to the existing Form you're cloning from. Tickets already assigned to a Form can't be assigned to a different one without removing them from that Form.

Single Checkboxes

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The Checkbox Select and Single Select question types in Checkout Forms now allow for only one option instead of a minimum of two. This is great for opt-in type questions where attendees have the option to agree to something or opt for additional access.

PDF Ticket toggle

By default, we include a Download Ticket button with every confirmation email. If it's a paid ticket, attendees will also see the Download Receipt button. What if your event is virtual and the Ticket is free? There's no need to wave an official piece of paper around to get in, so we've added a way to remove the Download Ticket button.

When you make a new Ticket or edit an existing one, you'll notice the new Include in confirmation email toggle under Advanced Settings. If you're making a free Ticket for a virtual event, you can toggle this to NO to keep your emails neat and lean.

Screenshot of the Edit modal for a Ticket. The PDF Ticket section is highlighted.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if multiple people registered at the same time, and one of the Tickets had the toggle switched to YES, the confirmation email will still include the Download Ticket button. PDFs will only be included for the Ticket with the toggle turned on, however.

Select hidden Groups

When you make a new Ticket, the last section in the modal is Integrations to Event App. This area lets you select a Group from your Event to automatically assign attendees to when they complete registration using that Ticket.

Previously, if This Group should not be visible... was selected in the Group's settings in the Event, you wouldn't be able to see or select that Group when making a new Ticket. Well, now you can. 😄

⭐️ Keep in mind, your Event has to be linked to your Registration to select Groups.

We're excited to keep implementing your feedback and leveling up Socio Registration more and more! ⏫

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