It may be April 1st, but we ain't foolin' around. In addition to the brand new Video Rooms feature and 1:1 video chat, we're thrilled to pieces to announce the arrival of Emails and the Video Analytics export!

Registration Emails enable you to keep people engaged both leading up to and after your event. They can be scheduled, too, so you can set and forget!

The Video Analytics export gives you all the juicy details on who, when, and how long for all your Socio Streaming viewers. Ah, sweet, sweet data.


When you visit the Registration page for your event and hover over the Promote tab, you'll see the new Email option.

Screenshot of the Promote menu expanded with the Emails option highlighted.

From the Emails page, you can create as many emails as you want and schedule them to be sent any time before or after your event. Or, you can simply send them right away!

Screenshot of the Emails page with two emails' statuses showing as Sent, one as Scheduled, and a fourth as In Progress.

As you create your email, the Live View shows exactly what your email will look like to recipients so you can make decisions about the content without repetitive testing. We do offer a Send Test Email button, too!

Animated GIF showing a user entering information in the email fields. We see that the Live View updates in real-time.

We've put in several great customization features that allow you to tailor each email to your event and attendees!

  • To - You can choose individual recipients by name or email, or choose from Ticket types, event Groups, or All Recipients.
  • Variables - Simply click a Variable to add a placeholder to your email. For example, if you type "Hi" and then click the Attendee First Name variable, each recipient's first name will be displayed when the email arrives in their inbox.
  • Show add to calendar buttons - This toggle adds Google, Outlook, Apple, and Yahoo buttons that launch the relevant calendar app on the recipient's device.
  • Call to Action - This lets you add buttons for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to your email as well as a custom button that opens any link you choose!

Once you've created some emails, you can see Delivered, Opened, and Link Click metrics for each. You can edit emails at any time before they are sent. You can also clone an email at any time!

For a full walkthrough of creating an email, check this out!

Video Analytics Export

Have you ever wondered how long people watched your live stream? Wonder no more! The new Video Analytics export has the dirt on who dipped out early and who stayed glued to your Socio RTMP or Socio Streaming session.

Screenshot of an event's Metrics page with an arrow pointing from the Metrics tab to the Video Analytics option of the Export Report dropdown.

This new Metrics export will have a tab for each session or live stream. Here's what's included in each tab:

  • Live Stream Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Title
  • Company
  • Clicked From
  • Total Duration (minutes)
  • Interval X Start (minutes)
  • Interval X End (minutes)

It's that simple! Now, what you do with the data is your business. 🙈 🙉 🙊

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