We're pleased to announce the release of two highly requested features for Socio Streaming and the Socio RTMP Player — Closed Captions and Hide Viewer Count!

Closed Captions

Virtual events are taking off, and we don't want anyone left behind. That's why we've rolled out support for Closed Captioning service in Socio Streaming and the Socio RTMP Player. This service works well with SyncWords, a service that provides actual people who listen to your stream and provide captioning in real time.

When Closed Captions are active, attendees see a "Show Captions" button beneath the Live Stream. Once revealed, the Captions can be hidden again, or you can select a language if multiple languages have been configured for your event.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Closed Captions are currently only supported in the Web App, and aren't supported in the Mobile App.

Ready to learn more? Check this out.

Hide Viewer Count

At Socio, we want you to be in complete control of how your attendees experience your events, right down to the little details. We've gotten lots of feedback about hiding viewer counts from Live Streaming, and we're happy to report we've added a way to do just that!

Inside a session or Live Stream feature, you'll see the new Show viewer count checkbox. Un-checking the box removes the counter shown next to the "Live" label in the top left corner of your Live Stream.

Here's how you would access the checkbox for the Agenda:

Animated GIF showing a user clicking the settings cog for the Agenda feature and un-checking the Show viewer count box.

Take a look at the Live Stream feature guide to see where to find the check box there.

As always, we're pleased as punch to keep rolling out new features, so keep the suggestions coming!

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