Namaste, Socio fam! We're showing some love for our attendees around the world with this release. 🌏

In addition to our previously supported languages, our Mobile Apps and Web Apps now support eight new languages: Chinese Traditional, Czech, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian Latin, Thai, and Vietnamese.

In the Socio Platform, simply add your content in the preferred language(s) of your attendees. Once you've uploaded your content, the rest of the text that you can't control from the Socio Platform (AKA hard-coded text) will be translated to the preferred language designated by each user's device. No action required!

Attendees can also switch the event app's language manually via the settings if they prefer. Check out the article below to learn how:

We're excited to make our apps and your content even more accessible for all attendees. Have another language you'd like us to support, or notice a way to improve our existing languages? Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know!

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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