Part of the excitement of in-person events is the exhibition hall experience—walking up to different booths, getting to see new product demos or marketing materials, and chatting with other people about what you're seeing. Now, you can have that same experience virtually with the new Sponsors/Exhibitors feature Grid view! 🎉

This new grid setting enables you to offer differently-sized virtual spaces, called booths, to your Sponsors/Exhibitors—increasing networking opportunities and lead generation. The grid design is visually exciting, and makes it easy and fun for attendees to explore and get to know your Sponsors & Exhibitors on any device.

Screenshot of the Sponsors page of an Event. It shows 4 medium size sponsors laid out in a grid.


Customizable Booths

Booth size is customizable, with three choices to choose from: small, medium or large. This allows you to use differently sized booths to showcase different levels of sponsorship if desired, or you can have booths all be the same size. You can also add a cover image to large and medium booths, which gives added visual impact. At a glance, users will be able to see the:

  • Booth Name & Logo

  • Label (Sponsor or Exhibitor)

  • Category (check out this article for more information)

  • Two-line description

Screenshot of the Sponsors page of an event. It shows 5 sponsors. 2 are medium size, and 2 are small.

With a quick click on Visit, the user can see a wealth of additional information for that sponsor or exhibitor, including:

  • Request Follow Up/Schedule Meeting buttons

  • Rating (if enabled—check out this article for more information)

  • PDF File/Video/Website

  • Chat

  • Full Description

  • Sponsored Agenda Sessions

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you include a website, we strongly recommended that you test to ensure that it embeds properly. If the website is not embeddable, you'll see a "Refused to Connect" error when you click on it from the room as a user. This is dependent on the websites settings.

This is also customizable, so you can pick which information you wish to include.

Dynamic Experience

The appearance of the grid will differ depending on what device the user uses to access the app. Web App users will see the differently sized booths on one page for each navigation. And you can choose the layout of the booths!

Mobile App users will see the booths laid out in a feed, with one booth listed at a time as they scroll down. They'll see the same information at a glance, and can click Visit to see the same full details available to Web App users.

Capture More Insights

Users can take notes or favorite a booth, and there’s even optional chat functionality that allows participants to chat with each other within a booth. It gets better— these metrics are captured in the Data Dashboard and exportable, so you can easily gain insight and capture leads for your sponsors/exhibitors.

It's Simple

The grid view is the new default layout for the Sponsor and Exhibitor features, but you can switch to List view with a single radio button click in settings. 😉

Screenshot of the

Ready to create an engaging sponsor or exhibitor grid? Check out our feature guide, Add New Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and more!

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