Wonder no longer allows iframe embedding. If you want to use Wonder, attendees must use it in a new browser tab outside your Socio event.

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About Wonder

Wonder.me is a browser-based software that lets you create customizable networking rooms, and control them while you're attending as a host. You can create a networking room using Wonder within minutes and link to it from your event app!

⭐️ Keep in mind, Wonder won't work with the iOS or Android mobile apps. Users have also reported that it doesn't work well on Mozilla Firefox.

Wonder resources

Make sure you check out Wonder’s Help Center and their FAQs page to learn about the customization options and many other features.

Create your Wonder room

To create your networking room, head to Wonder.me, click Get a room, and enter your room name. This could be your event’s name or anything else you prefer.

Once you create the room, you'll be given a link. Copy the link so you can put it in your Event App.

Screenshot of the Room Link that Wonder supplies.

Create your Networking Room feature in Socio

Add a Web Link feature to your Socio event. Edit the feature, and enter the URL that you copied in the previous step. Leave the box for Open link in external browser checked, and save. You don't need to use the Pass Data to URL checkbox.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can change the feature name and icon to better reflect your networking room! Click the Settings (⚙️) icon to change them.

You’re all set! Attendees can launch the room in a new browser tab, and interact with each other with video and audio, or with typed messages.

Screenshot of a Wonder room.

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Questions? For help with any outside vendors, please contact their support.

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