Cybersecurity is a major concern for almost every modern organization. Preventing virtual threats via firewalls and other security measures is commonplace within many cybersecurity policies. That's why some networks may have firewalls or web filters in place that only allow outbound connections to certain domains.

With the ability for Webex Events to host virtual events, we want to make sure that your attendees have the best experience possible when using our products. To do this, some networks may be required to allowlist certain domains for our products to function correctly. If your attendees' network uses systems like these, they'll need to allowlist Webex Events domains so that people using that network will be able to successfully use Webex Events.

The following email addresses and domains should be allowlisted for Webex Events.

Webex Events email addresses

These addresses are used for password reset emails, registration confirmation, and custom button response emails.

Webex Events domains

Third-party domains

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