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What domains/emails should be allowlisted by my attendees' network admins?
What domains/emails should be allowlisted by my attendees' network admins?

A list of domains that should be allowlisted to give attendees the best experience when using Webex Events

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💡 Keep in mind, with the exception of the Webex Events Production Studio, we don't supply allowlist IP addresses because most addresses Webex Events uses are dynamic.

Firewalls and web filters are common protections for many businesses and organizations. Networks protected by these measures may only allow outbound connections to certain domains, which could keep some Webex Events products and features from working.

We want to make sure that your attendees have the best experience possible, so we've compiled this list of email addresses and URLs so attendees and network admins can add allowlist exceptions.

Webex Events email addresses

Password reset emails, registration confirmation emails, and custom button response emails all use these addresses:

Webex Events (formerly Socio) domains

Webex Events Production Studio IP addresses

When using the Webex Events Production Studio, allowlist the following IP range and ports:

  • IP Address Range: -

  • UDP Port Range: 50000 - 60000

  • TCP Port: 7881

  • TURN UDP port: 3478

💡 Keep in mind, you may only allow UDP Port Range, TURN UDP port, or TCP port. For the best audio and video experience, we encourage allowlisting the UDP Port Range or TURN UDP port.

Third-party domains

💡 Keep in mind, Webex Events strives to champion inclusivity, including in the words we use. This is why we use the term 'allowlist' instead of 'whitelist' or 'white list' which were previously common in the IT industry.

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