Metrics matter, and with the new Data Dashboard, getting deeper insight into your attendees' actions has never been easier - or so beautiful!

At the top of the Data Dashboard, you can quickly see a comprehensive overview of what happened in your event, including engagement (clicks, messages, and posts), user contributions (shares, likes, comments, and more), minutes the app was open, and total users.

Underneath those top-level metrics is the Event Analytics chart. This chart shows you the important top-level metrics just like the boxes above in a nice chart format, allowing you to quickly identify trends, such as an increase in users. You can also see how all of the metrics are affected by push notifications sent out through announcements, and you can toggle to a daily, weekly or monthly view.

Under this are our deeper-dive widgets, designed to show you themed data in an easy-to-read format. And, you can even click on those metrics to drill down further, and see exactly which users performed those actions.


Sleek Analytics

Metrics can be difficult to decipher, but not with the Data Dashboard! We provide easy-to-read analytics displayed within beautiful graphs, charts and boxes, giving you a comprehensive overview of what happened in your event. Plus, all of the data in the Data Dashboard can be filtered based on certain timelines and drilled-down for more info.

Real Time Metrics

You were already able to export metrics after an event ended, but now, you can see metrics as the event happens! It's never been so easy to see and react to user actions on-the-fly.

Feature Comparison

Which features in your event are getting the most clicks? Which are getting little attention? Which sessions are getting the most views? Which speaker or sponsors are getting the most attention? Are more attendees using the Mobile App or the Web App? These types of questions become easy to answer with the Data Dashboard, and having this information allows you to really know what is resonating with your audience.

But wait - there's even more information available within feature comparison. If you choose a feature, such as Sponsors, you can view a list of all items within that feature, along with the actions a user performed in that item (like how many users favorited a particular Sponsor!). In the following screenshot, we can see that there were three clicks on Magna Publication's Sponsor profile, and two users favorited the sponsor.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can continue to drill down into these metrics! If you click on a number, you will see a pop-up that shows which attendees performed that action for that metric. This enables you to know exactly who clicked on a particular sponsor, and when they did so. It's a wealth of data at your fingertips. 😊

Below is a gif showing how to get to the Data Dashboard from within your event app. Notice how you can get even more insights when scrolling over the chart! 🙌

We're excited to be leading the industry in our metrics, providing you with data like never before. We make it easy for you to prove the value of your event (and your event app!). Interested in learning more? Check out our Data Dashboard article.

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