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Wistia is a video platform created for marketers to make every video count. You can edit, host, market, and measure the impact of your videos with ease! Learn all about Wistia's awesome features on their product page.

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Wistia's help center has a lot of great information, and we also recommend the following resources:

How Wistia integrates with Webex Events

There are tons of places where you can link and embed a Wistia video in Webex Events, and it's super easy! 🎉 Simply open the video in Wistia and click the Embed & Share button. In the modal that appears, click the Share tab, then the Copy link button.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

The sections below describe each of the places you can add the link.

⭐️ Keep in mind, when pasting a Wistia link, be sure to uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' checkbox so Web App users see the video embedded in your event. 👍

Live Stream feature or Agenda session

When editing a Live Stream feature or Agenda session, click the Live Stream drop-down and select Wistia. Paste the link in the Link field and leave the 'Open link in external browser' option unchecked. You can also select Wistia as an Agenda session's Video Recording provider.

Screenshot of the Edit Live Stream modal. Wistia is selected and a link has been filled in.

Attendees simply click the Live Stream feature, and the video launches instantly. With an Agenda session, the video is available 15 minutes before the session's start time. If you use a Wistia link for the recording, attendees can access the video after the session's end time.

Screenshot of a Wistia video in an Agenda session on the Web App.

Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, and Custom List items

When adding or editing a new item in the Sponsors, Exhibitors, or Custom List features, select Wistia from the Content Provider drop-down.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Content Provider drop-down is only available when the feature is set to Grid View.

Screenshot of the Content Provider section in a Sponsor profile. Wistia is selected as the Content Provider and a link has been filled in.

When attendees visit the item, the video appears embedded in the Web App. Mobile App attendees can tap the video link to see it in their device's default web browser.

Screenshot showing a Wistia video embedded in a Sponsor profile on the Web App.

External Links

You can simply paste a Wisita link anywhere in the Webex Events Platform you find the External Link field. If you uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' box, the video will appear embedded in the Web App. Mobile App attendees can tap the video link to see it in their device's default web browser.

Common Questions

Does Wistia charge based on the size of my event?

No, you pay Wistia a monthly or annual fee to use their software to host your video(s), with pricing based on the features and functionality you need.

How many videos can I have?

The number of videos you can upload and the features you can access depend on the pricing package you select. For a complete breakdown of each pricing tier and related feature access, see Wistia's pricing page.

Which Wistia plan should I purchase?

We recommend that you use their free version to play around and make sure it works well for your needs. After that, we recommend either the Pro or Advanced plans for video player branding access and increased video and channel subscriber counts.

Can I use Wistia to create videos?

Wistia only hosts videos created elsewhere, though you can use services such as Vidcast to record videos. Wistia recommends Soapbox, a free Chrome extension, to record and edit videos that you can then use Wistia to host. Of course, you can also use whichever video recording software you prefer.

Now you know all about using Wistia with Webex Events! Did you know you can also host videos in the Webex Events Platform's Video Center?

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