About Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting and marketing software that makes it easy to find, engage, and grow your audience with greater insights.

Key Benefits

Customizable & Secure

Wistia enables you to host your videos or podcasts on a controllable platform; you can deliver your videos to anyone, anywhere and easily embed them. Wistia includes a customizable player that allows you to upload your logo or call to action, modify the controls, and change the player color to match your brand. Built-in privacy controls allow you to password-protect videos, require email sign-in to watch, or even restrict specific domains.

Enjoyable Viewing Experience

With Wistia’s mobile-friendly and ad-free user experience, you can easily host a single video or an entire video series that captivates your viewers. You can create channels that display collections of videos or podcasts, while the auto-play and subscriber features encourage your audience to stick around and view more of your content.

Grow Your Audience & Brand

Using Wistia’s powerful automatic SEO allows you to reach more viewers and retarget existing ones with ads on social media and search engines. Additional tools like email gates, annotation links, and CTAs make it even easier to reach and get to know your audience.

A Marketing Goldmine

Wistia puts your videos to work with lead capture and other audience-retention features; plus, Wistia offers 40+ marketing automation integrations to different tools, including to popular CRMs like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Markets, and Pardot.

Greater Insights

View count isn’t always enough, which is why Wistia offers advanced insights like video heatmaps and play rates. Another cool feature Wistia provides is A/B testing, which lets you pick any two video customizations to test and uncover what’s impacting video engagement.

How Wistia Integrates with Socio

There are a couple options when it comes to integrating Wistia with Socio.

  • Live Stream Feature — The Live Stream feature allows app users to watch the video by tapping a feature icon, instantly launching the video on a mobile device or computer.

  • Live Stream section of a Session — The Video Recording option in the Live Stream section of a Session is perfect when you want to share many session recordings. Each session/room can have a separate link.

Wistia Resources

The Wistia Knowledge base has a lot of great information! We also recommend the following resources from Wistia:

Common Questions

Does Wistia charge based on the size of my event?

No, you pay Wistia a monthly or annual fee to use their software to host your video(s), with pricing based on the features and functionality you need.

How many videos can I have?

The free Wistia package includes 3 videos or podcast episodes. You can also purchase packages that allow 10 or 100 free videos, with an option to add more video or audio files for just 25¢ a month per file.

Which Wistia plan should I purchase?

We recommend that you use their free version to play around and make sure it will work well for your event. After that, we recommend the Pro or Advanced plans to increase your video count, channel subscriber count, and add your own branding to the video player.

Can I use Wistia to create videos?

Wistia hosts already created content, but they do recommend using Soapbox, a free Chrome extension, to record and edit videos that you can then use Wistia to host. Of course, you can also use whichever video recording software you prefer!

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