Socio Streaming is a combination broadcasting studio and player that's easy to use, requires no downloads or outside software, and is fully customizable. Socio Streaming is an additional cost add-on feature, so reach out to your Socio contact for pricing.

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Options, options, options!

Once you've purchased a Socio Streaming credit for your event, you'll have access to Socio Streaming by Restream, Socio Simulive, and the Socio RTMP Player. You can then use one or all of these in your Agenda or Live Stream features.

This article gives you an overview of Socio Streaming by Restream. Our partnership provides you with all the benefits of Restream's Professional tier features. Keep reading to learn all about using the Restream studio!

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Full branding

Not only is your stream completely white-labeled (with no outside logos included), but you can fully customize it with your own branding, including colors, logos, and overlays. This also means that there are plenty of opportunities to showcase sponsors — even with sponsor videos!

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Connect with your audience

Engage with your audience in real time by displaying viewer comments on-screen, connecting with (and showcasing!) your audience in a new and exciting way. Bonus — they'll be that much more encouraged to chat. You can connect with even more people by adding Closed Caption support.

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Simple & reliable

Not super tech savvy? No problem. Restream is crafted to enable anyone to create professional live streams. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to put on a high production value event - no AV team required!

Drive actions

Adding a call-to-action or other important message is so simple, it can even be done on-the-fly based on what is occurring in the chat or the live stream. This empowers you to encourage and influence viewers to take the actions you want.

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Share pre-recorded content

If you have a pre-event hype video, a custom countdown, or a sponsor reel to play before your live stream, we've got you covered! Want to play a longer video for your audience? You can do that too.

Psst! Want your entire stream to be pre-recorded, and played at a scheduled time as if it were live? Socio Simulive may be for you! Check this out.

No software downloads

You don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic, a camera, and decent internet to get started. Anyone with the link can join your stream, and no login of any kind is required. 🙌 Socio Streaming becomes your end-to-end product for your live stream.

No volume-based pricing

Does your event have one live stream? Ten? A hundred? Just one Socio Streaming credit is all you need for an unlimited number of live streams. You can even Go Live multiple times in a single live stream.

Is Socio Streaming a good fit for my event?

Restream is a powerful tool for creating professional streams with ease. However, it may not be a good fit for every event. Here are a few considerations when deciding if Socio Streaming is right for you. 👇

⭐️ Keep in mind, Socio Streaming credits can be used for Socio Streaming by Restream or the Socio RTMP player, so you can mix and match depending on your needs for each live stream!

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Not a video hosting tool

Socio Streaming doesn't host your stream recordings so people can come back and watch. After the stream ends, you can download your recordings and then upload them to the Video Center or use another solution, like Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia.

Check with your AV team

If you're working with an AV company, let them know about Socio Streaming and the RTMP Player so they can provide input on which solution is best for them and your event. Advanced broadcasting software may be needed for some events. For more on the RTMP Player, check this out!

Restream features and details


Chrome and Firefox work well. We recommend Chrome for the best experience.


10 people can be in the studio or On Air at a time

Video clips

Upload up to 200 Video Clips no more than 2 GB each AND up to 1 hour long

Share long video

Share a local video file of up to 20 hours

Custom branding

Color, Logos, Overlays, Banners (e.g. Captions), Backgrounds, Video Clips

Highlight Socio Chat


Screen share


Guest volume/mute control


Kick/ban speakers


Guest network connection strength


Private speaker chat


Go Live multiple times


Stream recording max length

Up to 20 hours

Stream recording format

MP4 video + audio OR M4A audio only

Stream recordings available for

30 days

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