The moment you've been waiting for ever since we announced Socio's RTMP Player is here. Socio's Q&A and Polling make it easier than ever to host your live stream in the Socio Platform. There's no need to pay for an outside tool, and everything you need to keep your attendees engaged with your sessions is manageable from one central place.

Socio's Q&A and Polling functionality become available after you publish your event, once you have access to the Manage tools. You can enable Q&A and Polling individually for certain sessions or live streams, have a dedicated feature for each, or even import several at a time.

The flexibility is in your hands. For Q&A, you can require that questions be moderated before going live (or not), and even allow anonymous questions. For polling, you can schedule polls in advance or make them active whenever you want, and allow users to view polling results (or not) as desired. 🙌

Best of all, question moderation and Q&A/Polling settings are all manageable from the Socio Platform.

For more info on how to set up these features, check out our Q&A and Polling articles!

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