About Zapier

Zapier is an integration platform that lets you connect different web applications so they can share data. You can access web apps built by different companies and create automated workflows (Zaps) all by yourself! 💪

Why Zapier?

Zapier lets you easily navigate and build integrations yourself, even if you have limited technical know-how, by applying a user-friendly interface over the usually complex Application Programming Interface (API). Its step-by-step approach guides even the most inexperienced user to build out integrations in no time.

For example, Webex Events customers have successfully used Zapier to integrate data with the following third parties:

  • Salesforce

  • Eventbrite

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Splash

  • Infusionsoft

  • Typeform

  • Google Sheets

How does Zapier work?

The simplest Zap requires two components — a trigger and an action. A trigger is something that happens on one site that causes an action on another. For example, you can create a Zap that copies attendee information to a Google Sheet when an attendee joins your event.

Don't worry if you are new to Zapier! They provide tons of excellent help and instructional content to get you up to speed quickly.

The Webex Events Zapier app

The Webex Events Zapier app provides a list of frequently used functionalities to customers. It includes both basic and advanced functionalities. We've also hidden a few complex integration options, such as personalized agendas, which require a conversation with one of our integration specialists.

Currently, we offer the following functionalities through Zapier:


  • New/Updated Attendee - Returns basic attendee information when a new attendee joins the event or when an attendee's basic information is updated.


  • Search Attendees - Find an attendee by key or create one if none are found.

  • Search Sessions - Find a session by external ID or create one if none are found.

  • Search Items - Find an item by external ID or create one if none are found.


  • Create or Update Attendee - Creates a new attendee or updates the attendee record if the attendee already exists.

  • Create Attendee - Create a new attendee.

  • Update Attendee - Update an existing attendee by their Webex Events ID.

  • Remove Attendee - Remove/block an attendee from an event.

  • Create Session - Create a new session in a selected Agenda feature.

  • Update Session - Update an existing session in a selected Agenda feature.

  • Create Item - Create a new item in a selected list (Speakers, Sponsors, Custom List, etc.).

  • Update Item - Update an existing item in a selected feature.


To access and use the Webex Events Zapier App, you must purchase an API key from us. The Key lasts for a year. Reach out to your Webex Events contact for more details.

In addition to the API key, you must pay Zapier for their services. Please refer to their pricing guide for more details.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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