If you want to use a streaming platform not officially supported by Socio, use multiple different platforms for a single stream, or want to stream meeting software directly to your Socio Event, then RTMP is for you! Not sure what RTMP is? Check this out!

This article shows you how to use the Socio RTMP Player and offers some FAQs.

Pick your AV company/broadcast software

First off, you need to decide where your stream will be produced. If you're working with an AV company for a hybrid event, to pre-record your sessions, or simply provide a professionally-produced stream, they'll likely have their own favored broadcast software. Before you sign the contract, make sure they'll stream via RTMP.

Picture of an av person operating a camera at a hybrid event.

If you're managing your own broadcast software, it's up to you to pick what's best for your event. There are lots of live broadcast platforms to choose from, and the one you pick will mostly be determined by your needs. Here are some popular platforms that support RTMP:


Twitch, Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook Live

⭐ Keep in mind, Socio supports these providers "out of the box". You would typically use these with RTMP only if you wanted to use multiple platforms in a single live stream.


Wirecast, vMix

Meeting software:

Webex, Zoom

This isn't a comprehensive list, and if your favored platform isn't listed here, a quick Google search is usually enough to tell whether RTMP is a possibility with a platform you're considering. Some platforms lock RTMP streaming behind paid tiers, so plan accordingly.

Copy a Stream Key and RTMP URL

Whether you're implementing broadcasting software yourself or working with an AV company to produce your live streams, you'll need to provide both an RTMP URL and a Stream Key that's unique to each live stream in your event. This tells the broadcast software exactly where to stream the content. Stream keys can be used as many times as you need, so test away! 👍

When you create a Live Stream feature or Agenda session, select Socio RTMP Player as the stream provider, and click Save Changes. Then, edit the Live Stream feature or session. The RTMP URL and Stream Key fields will be filled in.

For the best experience, copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key for each live stream into a spreadsheet that contains the live stream/session names and start times. This will make it easy to reference the URLs and keys for each session.

Not sure whether to use the Live Stream feature or Agenda session live streaming? Check this out!

Enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key into the broadcast software

Now that you've got the URLs and keys copied, you can send the spreadsheet to your AV team so they can plug them into their broadcast software.

If you're managing your own broadcast software, you'll need to copy and paste the URLs and keys into each stream yourself. The process for entering the RTMP URLs and Stream Keys into broadcast software may vary widely from platform to platform. Refer to the documentation for your chosen software for the exact process. Here's an example of how it looks in Vimeo:

Screenshot of the Streaming Settings window in VMix.

Once the URLs and keys are in place, you're ready to go! Within a few seconds of your stream starting, it will appear to your attendees inside your Socio event. 📺


Which broadcast software supports RTMP?

Tons! Online sites like YouTube, Twitch, Wistia, and Facebook Live and local software such as Wirecast and vMix will all work. Check the site or software's documentation to see if they support RTMP. If they do, we highly recommend that you test, to ensure everything comes through as expected. 👍

Which meeting software supports RTMP?

We've verified that Webex and Zoom work with Socio RTMP, but we strongly encourage you to test any meeting software you use so you know how it will look and behave and what to expect.

What resolution does RTMP support?

Socio Streaming and the Socio RTMP Player stream at a maximum of 1080p. This is to ensure a consistent and inclusive experience for speakers and attendees alike across all devices, locations, and connection speeds.

Does the Socio RTMP Player require RTMPS?

Yes. If the broadcast platform you're using doesn't support RTMPS, it won't work with Socio.

Can the RTMP Key and URL be used multiple times?

Yes! You can use RTMP information as many times as you need to for testing or streaming from multiple different sources over the course of your session.

Will I have to edit the RTMP URL?

Some streaming platforms may require that the RTMP URL include a specific port, exclude an extra character, or include some other information. This will depend on the provider, and the exact steps could vary widely. For example, Wirecast requires you to add :443 to the RTMP URL and remove the last forward slash.

Original: rtmps://ff39bcb7eb65.global-contribute.live-video.net/apps/
Edited: rtmps://ff39bcb7eb65.global-contribute.live-video.net:443/apps

ALWAYS test your RTMP streams before event day. If things aren't working, you can usually turn up some help by referencing your chosen provider's documentation or forums.

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