With Socio's RTMP Player, any broadcasting software that can accept a Stream Key and RTMP URL, can be used with Socio.

Broadcasting Software

Socio recommends SocioStreaming for most events. If your event is more advanced, check out the downloadable broadcast software available and talk to your AV company. However, there are many broadcasting software options to choose from! Here are a few points to consider to help narrow it down.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the RTMP Player will only display content at 720p in the Socio Event, even if the original stream quality is higher.

Downloadable vs Browser-Based

First, consider whether you need a downloadable solution, or a browser-based option. Downloadable solutions, like Wirecast or Ecamm Live, tend to be more advanced. If you're working with an AV team, or are very technical yourself, these may be a good option for you. Browser-based solutions, like StreamYard and Restream, tend to be easier to use, but may not offer the same level of functionality.

Free vs Paid

Some broadcasting software is free, like OBS Studio or YouTube Live, or have free plans, like StreamYard. Keep in mind however, that free plans typically aren't white labelled.

Implement the RTMP Player

After you select the RTMP option in a session or Live Stream feature and click Save Changes, the Stream Key and RTMP URL become available. Your broadcasting software will require this information to know where to stream to. You can always come back to your session or Live Stream feature to reference it. 👍

Live Stream Feature

The Live Stream feature is a great option when you want to highlight a single Live Stream. For more info on the Live Stream feature, check this out.

Live Stream section of an Agenda Session

The Live Stream section of a Session is perfect when you have multiple Live Stream sessions happening concurrently. Each session/room can have a separate link. For more info on the Live Stream section of an Agenda Session, check this out.

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