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Why does my Branded App say 'NOT CONNECTED'?
Why does my Branded App say 'NOT CONNECTED'?
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The 'NOT CONNECTED' status means that the Webex Events Platform doesn't have access to your Apple Developer account. If you previously connected an Apple Developer account, you'll likely need to check that your Apple Developer account hasn't expired and that all Apple agreements have been accepted.

The Grant Webex Events Access step of creating a Branded App. The Not Connected indicator is visible.

When you log in to your Apple Developer account, any actions requiring your attention appear at the top of the page.

The account action banners in an Apple Developer account.

Here are some common reasons your Branded App may appear as 'NOT CONNECTED'. 👇

Expired Apple Developer account

If it's been more than 1 year since you made your Apple Developer account and you didn't opt for auto-renewal, your Apple Developer account has likely expired. Until you renew your Apple Developer account membership, your apps won't be available in the App Store for download, and you won't be able to submit new apps or updates.

Follow these instructions from Apple to learn how to renew.

⚠️ CAUTION! If your Apple Developer account has expired, do not create a new account if you already have a Branded App associated with your expired account. If the account holder is no longer with your organization, contact Apple to transfer ownership.

Unsigned agreements

As an Apple Developer account holder, Apple will periodically ask you to accept new updated agreements. If there are new agreements to be signed, the person responsible for managing your organization's Apple Developer Account must log in to the Apple Developer portal to review and sign agreements.

There may also be tax or license agreement updates you must sign. Follow these instructions from Apple to log in to App Store Connect and sign tax and license agreements.

Does Webex Events still have permission to access your account?

If your Apple Developer account isn't expired and there aren't any unsigned agreements, you may not have given us all the necessary permissions when you granted us access, or you may not have invited us using our newest email address. Refer to our Invite Webex Events to Your Apple Developer Account article for instructions.

If you want to delete our old email address from your Apple Developer account, refer to Apple's documentation to learn how to do that.

Refresh the app

After you've signed all agreements and corrected any other issues, you can return to the Webex Events platform and try refreshing your app.

💡 Keep in mind, it can take Apple up to 30 minutes to process changes in your Apple Developer account.

Return to your Branded App and click the refresh icon next to the 'NOT CONNECTED' indicator. It should update to 'CONNECTED'. If it doesn't, try again after half an hour. If your app still won't connect, live chat with our support team so we can help. 👍

The Grant Webex Events Access step. The refresh icon is indicated.

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