A community can support a variety of business goals, from growing your member base, increasing brand loyalty, keeping members engaged throughout your annual event cycle, and gathering feedback and use cases. Creating a Community in the Webex Events Platform is almost identical to creating an event. Let's dive in!

Screenshot of a community in the Web App.

Webex Events Communities have the same great features as Webex Events with unique abilities supporting year-round usage by members across the globe.

This article shows how to build a Community in the Webex Events Platform and offers tips on configuring it to work with other products. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily your community takes shape! 👍

⭐️ Keep in mind, because Event Apps and Communities are so similar, most of our help content references "Event App" and "event". The content applies to Communities, too, unless otherwise specified.

Video Guide

The video below walks through the technical steps of creating a Community in the Webex Events Platform.

Create a Community

From any page in the Webex Events Platform, click the Communities button. The Communities page lists all the communities you've created, if any. To create a new one, click Create Community.

Screenshot showing the Create Community button.

The first step in creating a Community is the Basics page.


Consider the what, where, when, and how of your community. Don't worry — you can come back and edit things later as needed. The Basics page has 2 steps. 👇

Community Details

Screenshot of the Community Details step of the Basics page.
  • Community Name - Enter the name of your Community. We recommend that this follow the same naming convention that you've used in other materials, such as your website. Make sure members know what the community is. 🧠

  • Community Description - Describe what your community is all about and how members can expect to benefit from joining. A few important things to consider when creating the description are:

    • Does your community have a theme?

    • Who joins this community?

    • Do you want to highlight any sponsorships here?

      ⭐️ Keep in mind, when adding images to the Description, always do so with the image tool, which is the icon at the far right.

  • Best Email Address to Reach You - This field is internal-only, and will serve as the main point of contact for the Webex Events Platform. The email address should belong to someone who has access to the Webex Events Platform.

  • How many community members are you expecting? - This field is internal-only and helps us measure adoption of your community. Enter the number of members that you're expecting.

When you're done with the basics, click Next.

Privacy Settings

Screenshot of the Privacy Settings step of the Basics page. Community Code is selected.

Your Privacy Settings selection controls how app users get access to the community.

There are three options to choose from — Public, Community Code, and Invite Only. Deciding which one is right for you can depend on several factors. For a complete look at each setting and a helpful decision flowchart, check this out!

When you've selected a setting, click Save & Continue. This takes you to the Features page where you can add community content!

At this point, the information you've entered so far is saved, and you can come back later to edit the community if you need to.


Features are what your members interact with in your community. With 20+ features to choose from, you may be wondering which ones you need. For a quick overview of each feature, check this out. We also have complete guides to adding, editing, and managing every single feature. 📚

Screenshot of the

Every community starts with three basic features — Overview, Users, and Announcements.

Add a feature

Click the Add Features button, and in the modal that appears, click Add under each feature you want. Click the X in the top right corner of the modal when you're done.

⭐ Keep in mind, you can add most features more than once. This is useful for having multiple types of Video Rooms, VIP-only features using Groups, or different tiers of Sponsors, for example.

Screenshot of the Add Features modal.

Managing features

Added features appear in the Selected panel. Click and drag features to swap their positions. Use the arrow icons at the bottom of the Selected panel to see more features.

Screenshot showing a user reordering two features.

The Preview to the right of the selected features shows you how the Mobile App looks. To try out the Web App version, publish the Community first.

Hover over any feature in the Selected list to reveal a Settings (⚙️) icon, an Edit button, and a Delete button.

Screenshot of the Selected panel. The Edit, Settings, and Delete buttons are visible.
  • Settings - In this modal, you can rename the feature and assign a custom Icon. To lock content to certain Groups of members, such as VIPs, use the Visible To setting.

    We always recommend choosing or uploading a custom icon to make your brand shine — especially if you're using a Branded App.

    Screenshot of the Settings modal for a feature.

  • Edit - For list-based features such as the Agenda, Web List, or Sponsors features, the Edit button takes you to a separate page where you'll add items to the list. For single item or static features, such as the Web Link, Overview, or Live Stream features, a simple configuration modal appears. Refer to the feature guide for each feature to see the exact behavior.

  • Delete - You can delete any feature except Announcements.

    ⚠️ Caution! When you delete a feature, any information you added to it and any attendee metrics associated with the feature will be gone.

When you're done adding features, click Next. You don't have to completely fill out and customize every single feature before you publish your community. We recommend that you add most of the features you'll be using and customize the icon for each.


The Appearance page is where you upload your community's logo and cover image and choose the layout for your community's home page. Check out our Look Book for inspiration to make your custom icons stand out, and take our Webex Events Academy course on Designing a Beautiful Event. 😍 🎓


Before you publish your community, you must upload a Logo and Cover Image. The Mobile App and Web App prominently feature these images.

Screenshot of the Images section of the Appearance page.
  • Logo - The Logo appears on your Community's login page and is overlaid on the Cover Image on the Mobile App's home page, as shown below. Accepted icon formats and dimensions are:

    • JPEG or PNG

    • Minimum: 100px by 100px

    • Recommended: 500px by 500px

    • Maximum: 1000px by 1000px

Screenshot of the home screen of a Community in the Mobile App.
  • Cover Image - The cover image appears behind your Community's name on the Mobile App and Web App and in the Overview feature. Accepted image formats and dimensions are:

    • JPEG or PNG

    • Minimum: 200px wide by 100px tall

    • Recommended: 1000px wide by 500px tall

    • Maximum: 2000px wide by 1000px tall

⭐️ Keep in mind, the cover image is cropped depending on a user's device and its location within the app. We don't recommend including text or important information on the Cover Image.


The layout you choose mainly affects the mobile version of your Community. However, Banners appear on the Web App, too! For a complete explanation and images of each layout option, check this out!

Screenshot of the Layout section.

Click Save when you're done uploading images and selecting your layout.

Publish the Community

Although publishing isn't the last step in building your community, it's necessary to link it to Webex Events Registration or a Branded App, or activate Lead Retrieval. Publishing also gives you access to more menus and customization options. Members won't know how to find and access the community until you tell them, so you can publish and then keep working on getting your community filled in and ready to go! 👍

To publish, go to the Appearance tab and click the Publish Community button in the top-right corner. In the modal that appears, choose which app the community will publish to.

  • If you're using a Branded App, select your app, and click Next. Haven't started making your Branded App? Don't publish just yet! Click the Create App option, then check this out for instructions.

  • If you're not using a Branded App, select Webex Events App, and click Next.

Screenshot of the Publish community modal.

Now, select the Webex Events Team that's linked to your community credits, and click Publish Community. If you don't have any credits, click Purchase Community to contact our support team and arrange a purchase.

Two screenshots showing the team selection step of the Publish modal. One shows the Purchase Community button, and the other shows Publish Community.

Congratulations — you've just published your Webex Events Community! 🎉

Next steps

Use the links in each section below for specific instructions. 📚

  • Community - You can keep adding features and filling in information at any time after you publish your community and app! Your community reflects any changes you make in the Web App and Mobile App within a matter of seconds.

  • Registration - If you published your community so you could configure Groups for registration, you're ready to start creating your Registration Event and creating Tickets and Checkout Forms.

  • Branded App - If you're using a Branded Mobile App, make sure you've added the following items to your Community:

  • Live Display - Choose what you want to show on your Live Display, and then configure the corresponding community features.

  • Lead Retrieval - You can now activate Lead Retrieval and start adding Exhibitors.

  • Test! - It's very important to test your community to make sure everything looks and behaves how you want it to. Hold off on testing until the community is ready for members to join. You don't want to overlook problems arising from edits made after testing.

  • Announcing - When you're ready to welcome members to the community, spread the word using our handy App Access Templates!

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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