We've released what may be our most-requested feature yet. You can now require users to log in to to your Web App in order to view your events and communities, creating a unified experience across the Web App and mobile app. This is perfect for organizers that want their Web App to have more security for their events and communities, to target the content to certain groups of users, and to allow users to interact with features that require a user profile!

Previously, the Web App was a read-only version of your event or community content, and didn't allow users to post on the Wall, play the Game, and rate and review items. Now, all of this is possible!

You can even add a link to your Web App on your promo page, making it even easier for attendees to use the device that they choose. 👇

Want to learn more? Check out our About the Web App and Manage Your Web App articles, or reach out to us for a demo!

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