There are three different places you can manage attendees in a Webex Event, depending on which products you're using — Registration, Onsite, and the Event App. Each product lets you add attendees to your Event and manage them in different ways.

💡 Keep in mind, the Registration attendee profile is different from an attendee's Event App profile.

This article explains how to add, view, and edit attendees in Webex Events Registration, including updating answers to questions. If you want to know how to refund, cancel, or edit orders, refer to our Registration Orders article.


Attendees page overview

After you publish Registration, you gain access to the 'Attendees' page.

Screenshot of the Attendees page.

At a glance, the attendees page shows the following information for each attendee:

  • Attendee Name

  • Email

  • Ticket Name

  • Price

  • Ticket Status

  • Order ID#

Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to an attendee to take one of several actions. The actions you can take depend on the attendee's ticket status, so here's a helpful chart:

Not Paid/Cancelled status

Complete status

Refunded status

View Attendee Profile

View Attendee Profile

View Attendee Profile

View Order

View Ticket

View Ticket

Resend Confirmation

View Order

View Order

When more than one person registers using the same email address, a warning banner appears above the attendee list, warning you that there are duplicates. Click the Show Duplicates button to filter the attendee list to only attendees with duplicate emails.

Screenshot of the Duplicate Email banner, with the Show Duplicates button indicated.
Screenshot of the Duplicate Email banner, with the Show Duplicates button indicated.

Learn more about finding and fixing duplicate emails in our Duplicate Emails in Webex Events Registration article.

Add attendees

Click the New Attendee button to add a single attendee, or click Import to import them in bulk. Refer to our article about importing data for more information. Now, let's go over how to add a single attendee in more detail. 🔍

💡 Keep in mind, if you want to add attendees to your Event App with answers to Registration questions, add them on your Registration Attendees page. Otherwise, we recommend adding attendees to your Event App directly.

Click the New Attendee button and provide the following information in the modal that appears:

Screenshot of the New Attendee modal.
  • Ticket Type - Which ticket should this attendee be associated with?

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email - This should be the email the attendee uses to log in to your Event App.

  • Checkout Form (if applicable) - Add answers to any required or optional questions for the Ticket Type you selected.

  • Send confirmation email to this new attendee - Check this box to send a confirmation email to the attendee after you click 'Save Changes'.

When you're done, click Save Changes.

View and edit attendee registration information

Click on an attendee to view their ticket details, personal information, and any answers to Registration questions.

Screenshot of the registration information page. The Settings menus for both sections are expanded, as described below.

Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to their name to resend their order confirmation or view their order. Click the View Ticket button to see the PDF copy of their ticket, or click View App Profile to view the attendee's Event App profile.

💡 Keep in mind, the View App Profile option is only available if your Event App is active.

The 'Attendee Registration Info' section contains basic registration information, custom question answers, and the Registration Language they selected if you enabled Machine Translation. If you enabled UTM parameters, captured UTM data appears at the bottom of this section.

Screenshot of an attendee profile.

Click the Settings (⚙️) icon and click Edit to update the attendee's name, email, and question answers.

That's all there is to it! Now go learn about the Lite Check In feature.

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