The Attendees page allows you to view attendee information and take actions on their profile.

You can also add new attendees 1-by-1 by clicking the New Attendee button, or import them in bulk by clicking the Import button. This is useful if you have an attendee join at the ticket stand the day of the event. Check out our Import Feature Templates article for more info on importing content.

⭐️ Keep in mind, this page is also useful if you want to tie an attendee back to the order information, and you only have the attendee name and that attendee is not the orderer.


On the Attendees page, the following information on each attendee is available to review:

  • Attendee Name

  • Email

  • Ticket Name

  • Order ID#


Click the settings (⚙︎) icon on an attendee's row to take actions on their profile. The following actions are available:

  • View Attendee Profile

  • Resend Ticket

  • View Ticket

  • View Order

  • View Event App Profile (only clickable if your registration is tied to an event)

Attendee Registration Info

Click on an attendee's row to view their registration info, including checkout form answers. Click the settings (⚙︎) icon and click Edit to edit this info.

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