App Home Redesign

One of the first areas that app users see has a fresh new look! Users can easily view more information on communities (shh, spoiler alert!), upcoming events, and past events, and see that there are more events for them to swipe and view. We also made the search even smarter. 🧠 We've also renamed the Events tab to Home.

Hide Events

By popular request, events (and communities! 😉) can now be hidden from search. To find and join a hidden event, users must tap the Have an Access Code button and enter the correct code.

⚠️ Caution, your app must be version 9.0.0 or higher in order to use this setting. For instructions on how to update your app to the latest version, check this out.

Filter Favorites

Users can filter on their favorite items in a list, quickly allowing them to see only what they're interested in.

Plus, more exciting updates...

  • Communities! We've made it easier than ever to engage with your audience all year round. 🤩 Check out our New Product: Socio Communities article for more details.

  • Event codes will automatically be in all caps from now on, both on the organizer side and in the app. Because who likes remembering if the first letter should be capitalized?

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