Socio seamlessly integrates with leading live streaming platforms, and attendees can join the live stream directly from their virtual agenda, or click a feature icon that instantly launches the live stream on mobile devices or a desktop computer for more optimal viewing. The multi-device capabilities allow organizers to engage with users wherever they are, and allows users to toggle between their preferred devices for video consumption and networking.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Live Stream feature and session option is included with the Hybrid and Virtual event types.

Live Streaming Platforms

Any Live Stream platform that provides a link can be used with Socio. Socio seamlessly integrates with the following leading live streaming platforms:

⭐️ Keep in mind, some of these options offer free tiers, but most events will require a paid version. Specifically for Vimeo, the chat and Q&A functionality are not integrated.

Other Live Stream Platforms

Don't see your preferred live streaming platform in this list? Not to worry.

Select the "Other" option, and you will be prompted to enter the required Live Stream URL. Optionally, enter the Embed Code provided from your Live Stream platform.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the embed code is optional — however, if you don't include the embed code and users are using the Web App to view the Live Stream, the stream will open in a new tab rather than inside the Web App.

⚠️ Caution, we strongly recommend thoroughly testing any "Other" providers to ensure that the behavior is as expected.


Any Live Stream provider that provides a link can be used with Socio. Simply add a Live Stream feature and copy/paste the link, or use the Live Stream section in a session!

Live Stream Feature

The Live Stream feature is a great option when you want to highlight a single Live Stream. For more info on the Live Stream feature, check this out.

Live Stream section of a Session

The Live Stream section of a Session is perfect when you have multiple Live Stream sessions happening concurrently. Each session/room can have a separate link. For more info on this, check this out.

Pro tip! 😎

  • The multi-device capability allows users to toggle between their preferred devices for video consumption and networking. Users can use the Web App on their desktop computer, or the Event App on their mobile device. We recommend giving your attendees guidelines on how you want them to join and interact with your Live Stream.

Want more ideas on how to use Live Streams to facilitate your event goals? Get in touch with your Socio contact!

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