We've set the standard as the only event platform you'll need to pivot to virtual events and back again. We make it simple to engage attendees in person, and on couches around the world. Now, we're bringing it to the next level with virtual event features that will knock your attendees' socks off. 🧦

Event Types

Right off the bat, pick the event type that is most applicable to your event: In Person, Hybrid, or Virtual. Your choice will enable or disable certain event features and functionality, ensuring that your attendee experience is ideal for your event type.

For more info on picking the ideal event type, check this out

Live Stream Feature and Session

The Live Stream feature and session option is included with Hybrid and Virtual event types.

Socio’s seamlessly integrates with leading live streaming platforms, and attendees can now join the live stream directly from their virtual agenda, or click a button that instantly launches the live stream on mobile devices or a desktop computer for more optimal viewing. The multi-device capabilities allow organizers to engage with users wherever they are, and allows users to toggle between their preferred devices for video consumption and networking.

For more info on the Live Stream feature, check this out. For info on the Live Stream session option, take a look at this.

Web App Live Streams & Recordings

We've upgraded our web app to allow users to view Live Streams and Recordings while engaging with app features and external links — all in a single window, without leaving the web app. 

This opens up a ton of possibilities! We've made it easy to poll your virtual audience in the middle of a session to gather audience feedback and further discussion. Or, have them complete an Event Game challenge. All without leaving your Live Stream or Recording!

“A virtual event that doesn’t promote networking is just a webinar,” said Corey McCarthy, Socio Chief Marketing Officer. (And hey, webinars are great, but if you’re going for more of a conference feel, networking is key.) 

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Mobile Live Streams & Recordings

We know that having attendees connecting on multiple platforms is especially important for virtual events, and the best virtual experience is a mix of mobile and desktop. Think of it like this: Your desktop is your TV, and your mobile event app is the remote control.

Now, we're providing a simple, easy-to-use and beautiful user experience for watching Live Streams and Recordings on your mobile device. Attendees can even send a link from their mobile device to their email, to quickly switch to a computer for the best viewing experience.

Video Walkthrough

For a full walkthrough of our updated virtual platform, check out the video below. 👇

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