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Introduction to Communities
Introduction to Communities

A virtual community for members to connect, share, and engage

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An online community (also known as an internet community or web community) is a group of people who interact virtually via the internet. Online communities help members connect, share, and engage with community leaders, sponsors, and each other from anywhere in the world.

A Webex Events Community can support a variety of business goals like growing your event attendee base, increasing brand loyalty, and gathering feedback and use cases.

Image of a Webex Events Community on the Web App and Mobile App.

A Webex Events Community has the same great features as an Event App, with a few minor differences. To learn more about how a Community can enhance your annual event cycle and improve attendee retention, keep reading! 👇

5 key benefits of Communities

1. Create a central hub

Screenshot of a Community on a Mobile Device.

A Webex Events Community is a great companion for your annual event cycle because it lets you produce frequent and consistent multimedia touchpoints and inspire thought leadership, networking, and engagement every day of the year. The Community acts as the central hub for information and resources related to your annual event cycle. This means that members can easily stay in the know about past, current, and upcoming events and activities.

2. Foster community engagement

Screenshot of the Wall feature in a Community.

Communities are a great way to keep members engaged all year round, and they act as a source of support, content, and engagement for members. Use the Wall feature as a message board for brainstorming, discussion, and networking opportunities across the Community. Nurture an ongoing Game to keep members interested and happy.

3. Personalize the experience

Have different levels of membership? Group members according to membership levels or topics of interest so they can engage within their own groups. Personalize the experience by sending each group tailored announcements and relevant sponsor promotions. Delivering the right messaging to the right members at the right time is easy!

4. Make sponsorship ROI a cycle

Screenshot of a Community's Game Rules in which the rules mention a sponsor.

Communities give sponsors opportunities to advertise and engage with your member base for weeks or months at a time between events. Sponsors can align advertisements to specific members and groups in your Community.

Read our article about Showcasing Sponsors to learn more.

5. Add value to your membership

Screenshot of the Game feature on the Web App.

Consider positioning the Community as an added benefit of membership to your organization, and leverage it as an additional revenue stream for you and your sponsors. Create an exclusive experience by only allowing access to certain members or providing certain features based on membership level. Grant members of specific groups access to content, speakers, sponsors, and members of your team.

Experience it for yourself

Want to explore a Community in action? Request a demo today!

For more insight into what a community can do for your organization, read our Best Practices for Building Online Communities article.

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