An online community (AKA internet community or web community) is a virtual community of members who interact via the Internet. Online communities allow members to connect, share, and engage with other members and community leaders anywhere in the world. A Community can support a variety of business goals, from growing your member base, increasing brand loyalty, and gathering Community feedback and use cases.

Socio Communities have the same great features as Socio Event Apps, with unique abilities supporting year-round usage by members across the globe. For an introduction to what a Community is and what it can offer to your members, check out the below. 👇

5 Key Benefits of Communities by Socio

1. Create a Central Hub

Serving as a hub for a series of virtual event experiences, Socio Communities allow event organizers to produce frequent and consistent multimedia touchpoints, and inspire thought leadership, networking, and engagement — 365 days a year. A Community is the central hub of information and resources for members, making it easy for them to stay in the know. Organizers can even send push notifications to the entire Community for instant communication. A Community is also a great companion to Socio Events, as it's the perfect place to promote them!

2. Foster a Community

Communities are a great way to keep members engaged all year round, and act as a source of support, content and engagement for members. Message boards can also be used for brainstorming, crowdsourcing, and increasing connections across the Community.

3. Personalize the Experience

Have different levels of membership? Members can be grouped by their membership levels to allow them to see different content, engage within their own groups, and even be targeted separately with announcements and sponsorship opportunities. Delivering the right messaging to the right members is easy.

4. Provide Sponsorship ROI

Communities provide sponsors with the opportunity to advertise for weeks or months at a time. Sponsors can target specific groups, aligning advertisements to specific types of members set up in your Community. For more cool ideas for showcasing sponsors, check this out.

5. Add Value to Your Membership

Having a dedicated Community app can be an added benefit to membership. Feel free to make your Community exclusive by only allowing access to certain members, or providing certain features based on membership level. This level of exclusivity can also be an additional revenue stream from your members. Members of specific groups can be granted exclusive access to content, or access to speakers, sponsors and members of the organizer team.

Community Example

Tap the button below to download our example Branded Event app on your iPhone or Android, and join the UX Professionals Community:

After the ETT Events app is installed, enter your email address and create your profile. Under Upcoming Events, swipe left or search to find and select UX Professionals Community, then tap Join. Enter the code: COMMUNITY

Interested in learning more about Communities? Check out our Best Practices for Building Online Communities, or reach out to us for a demo!


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