Attendee Calls to Action

Buckle up, this is a big one you've all been asking for! We've added an optional new section, Attendee Calls to Action, for items in the Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, and Custom List features. In this section, you can add options for attendees to Request Follow Up or Schedule Meeting.

The Request Follow Up option allows users to indicate their interest in this item. The Point of Contact Email receives an email whenever a user indicates their interest, as well as a full list at the end of the event.

The Schedule Meeting option allows users to quickly navigate to any link that the event organizer has entered in the Schedule Meeting URL field. This could be a Calendly link, a Hubspot meeting link, or any other link. But wait — you can change the labels, so this could be a link to anything! A sponsor's website, a speaker's webinar, an exhibitor's demo video...the options are endless. 🙌

For more info on the new Attendee Calls to Action section, check this out.

Disable Double Booking

By default, users are able to add multiple sessions occurring at the same time to their personal agenda. Some of you didn't love that, so we added an Agenda setting allowing you to prevent users from "double booking" sessions. When a user attempts to add a session to their agenda at a time that is already booked, they will receive an alert similar to the one below.

For more info on this setting, check this out.


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