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Choose an Event Type

Select whether your Event Type is In Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

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Choosing between a Hybrid, In-person, or Virtual Event type is a critical step in creating your Webex Event. This article explains each Event type and outlines considerations for each. 👍

The Event Type options on the Webex Events Platform.

Event types

🏨 In-person (Default)

The In-person (Default) option is best when all your event activities are happening at a specific venue with all attendees physically present. If you plan to welcome remote attendees, too, the Hybrid option is the best fit.

When selecting the In-person event type, consider the following:

  • Event Location is required. Session locations are optional.

  • The venue location determines the Event's time zone. The Agenda shows times only in the event time, not attendees' local time.

💻 Virtual

The Virtual option is the best choice for events where all attendees participate remotely, and there isn't a physical venue or meeting location. When selecting the Virtual event type, consider the following:

  • You don't need to select an event location.

  • Select the time zone that you want to build your content in. The Agenda shows times in the attendee's own time zone — AKA "Your Time".

🏨 + 💻 Hybrid

The Hybrid option is ideal for events that have a mix of in-person and virtual attendees. When selecting the Hybrid event type, consider the following:

  • Event Location is required. Session locations are optional.

  • The venue location determines the time zone of the event. This time appears to attendees in the Agenda feature on the Web and Mobile App, and the time also appears in their own time zone — AKA “Your Time”.

Changing the Event type

After you've finished the Event creation process, changing your selected Event type is easy.

  1. On the Event Overview page, click the three-dot icon in the Event Information section.

  2. Click Edit. This takes you to the Basics page.

  3. Click Details to review and edit your event type selection.

The steps just described.

💡 Keep in mind, if you change your Event type from Virtual to In-person or Hybrid, you must enter the location, venue name, and venue address in the Event Location section before publishing your changes.

Pro tips! 😎

  • If you're not sure which option to select, we recommend the Hybrid option as a starting point. This gives you the most flexibility when setting up your Webex Events products and lets you plan for both in-person and virtual scenarios.

  • If you host your Event on a Branded App, the Shake & Connect feature works with any event type, and Branded Apps that contain a published virtual or hybrid Event have no distance requirement. Learn more in our article about attendee networking.

Now that you know all about event type options on the Webex Events platform, read our Privacy Settings article to decide how attendees will join your Event App!

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