Integrating Boomset with Socio keeps your attendee data in sync between systems. The integration brings over guests from your Boomset guest list into the Socio attendee list. Want to learn more about the benefits of integration and why you should integrate your registration system? Reach out to your Socio contact!

About Boomset

Boomset is a startup founded by two friends who were tired of waiting at the door to get into events. The company was created to offer event planners new and better solutions to utilize with event staff, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, attendees, marketing executives, and other professionals.

How Boomset integrates with Socio

  • Setup is simple! After we receive the credentials and integration details, we will confirm that all needed information is collected. After that, we'll set up the standard integration within 5 business days. There may be a fee for an API Key depending on your Boomset plan. Be sure to ask your Boomset representative.

  • See below for more information on how to access your API Key. Once you have your API Key, please send it to your Socio contact.

  • The integration will pull updates from Boomset every 5 minutes.

Boomset to Socio Field Mappings

The standard Boomset integration pulls the following data points on the Boomset guest list.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Company

  • External ID (pulled from the Boomset barcode information)

As an additional cost add-on, the following fields may also be included in the integration:

  • Phone, Work Phone or Cell Phone

  • Guest Collected Answers (Questions)

  • Attendee Check-ins

⭐️ Keep in mind, you must request these additional fields if you would like these to be included in your integration.

How to Access Your API Key

See below for instructions on how to access your API Key with Boomset. If you have problems accessing your key, please refer to your package or contact your Boomset representative to see if your package includes API access.

We require the following information in order to configure the Boomset integration:

  • API Key

To begin, navigate to the Groups page and select your group. You can create API tokens from the panel on the right hand side, under Settings > API Key.

Click Create API Key and enter a name that will help you identify the purpose of the key. Copy the Token and pass it to us using a secure method.

Boomset Resources and Help

To access integration capabilities, the Boomset Pro or Enterprise plan is required. Click here to see the different plans that Boomset offers. Need help with Boomset? Visit their help desk to access their resources!

Common Questions

What happens when multiple users with the same email register in Boomset?

It is possible for multiple guests in Boomset to share an email address. Since users sign in with their email, only one of the guest's information will be brought over by default. To address the email duplication issue, you should manually update the guest's email in order to have it populate correctly in the Socio Platform. Click here to learn more about Socio's user profile.

What happens when an update happens in Boomset?

Fields pulled from Boomset overwrite the fields on the Socio Platform. Keep this in mind and avoid integrating fields that you or the Boomset users might update frequently, such as the biography.

It's also possible to only bring over attendee information one time, and not sync updates. Let us know in advance if this is something you're interested in.

Need more help?

Interested in additional functionality not described here? Reach out to your Socio contact!

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