Session Reminders

We've added a checkbox for you, as the event organizer, to allow app users to set reminders for sessions they add to their personal agendas. Users have been asking about this for a while, and we're glad to help them get to their sessions on time!

For more info on session reminders, check out our Feature Guide: Agenda article.

Announcement Improvements

Announcements can now include Internal Links to content within the app! Plus, Announcements can now be sent to all users with a specific session on their personal agenda. This is particularly useful when you have to reschedule or cancel a session.

For more info on including Internal Links in Announcements, and sending announcement to specific session participants, check out our Feature Guide: Announcements article.

Hide Agenda Participants

We know privacy and security is important to you, and for some events, attendee privacy is even more critical. Previously, anyone with a session on their personal agenda showed up in the Participants list for that session. Now, the Participants list can be hidden from event app users, allowing for increased privacy and security for events that require it. 👏 

For more info on hiding agenda participants, check out our Feature Guide: Agenda article.

Hide Inactive Attendees

Inactive attendees are attendees that you have added to the Users & Groups page, but have not yet joined the app. Before now, inactive attendees have been viewable to app users in the Attendees list, with the option to Contact the user and prompt them to join the app. Now, you have the show only active users from the Attendees feature, ensuring that users are only reaching out to users who are in the app. 👍

For more info on hiding inactive attendees from the Attendees feature, check out our Feature Guide: Attendees article.

Plus, more exciting updates...

  • Now, when there is an update for any feature, an Update Indicator (red dot) appears on the feature until the app user reviews the update or refreshes. Before, we only did this for the Agenda, Wall, and Announcements feature. It's easier than ever for app users to make sure they're always in the know on the latest updates!

  • The Socio team is thrilled to present two new Event App features - Single Item and Single Document! For more info, check this out.

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