SSO (Single Sign-On) + Other Sign Up and Log In Options

We've added the ability for Branded Event App customers to tailor the accounts that users can use to sign up and log in to their app! You can now choose between the following Sign Up and Log In Options for your app users:

  • Email and Social (Default)

  • Email Only

  • Social Only

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

⭐️ Keep in mind, SSO is an additional cost add-on feature. The Sign Up and Log In Options are available only for Branded Event App customers.

Check out our Sign Up and Log In Options article for more info.

Separation of Title and Company

We've separated the Title/Company into two fields - Title and Company! This change has been made across the Socio Platform and the Event Apps. Event App users will love the ability to sort the Attendee feature by job titles and companies, to find attendees they want to connect with. You'll love the simple reporting, and the ability to more easily import these fields into your CRM. 

Plus, some more exciting updates...

  • We reordered the Lead screen in Lead Retrieval, moving the Notes and Ratings sections to the top. Now, you can see the most relevant info faster!

  • We removed deprecated social platforms from the list (like Vine), and added new and exciting ones! For more info on social accounts, check this out

  • You used to be stuck with the way the app ordered your Tracks and Categories. Now, you can reorder Tracks and Categories to your heart's content. ❤️ 

  • The My Apps page got a makeover! It's easier than ever to create a beautiful app, see exactly what your app will look like, and submit your app us to create.

  • We added the External ID and Internal ID fields to our forward data. Now, when you're passing data to a URL, you'll be able to reference users by these fields easily.

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