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Sign Up and Log In Options
Sign Up and Log In Options

Customize your Branded App users' experience

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Branded Apps offer additional customization options over the Webex Events App, including the ability to customize the attendee sign-up and login experience. This lets you further tailor the app to your users and needs!

This article explains each of the sign-up and login options and special considerations for using each one.

Choose Sign Up and Log In Options

Customizing sign-up and login options is the second main step in building your Branded App. If you've already made your selections and need to make updates, follow these steps to find the setting:

  1. While editing your Branded App, click the App Branding tab.

  2. Scroll down to find Sign Up and Log In Options.

  3. Activate any combination of email, social accounts, and Single Sign-On (SSO) login options.

    The Sign up and log in options section of the App Branding page.
  4. Rearrange the order in which the options appear in the app by clicking the six-dot icon next to an option and dragging it to the preferred position.

  5. Click Save & Continue to finalize any changes.

    💡 Keep in mind, if activated, the 'Email' option is always the first login option on the app login page.

Now let's examine the details of each option, and how they work when users open your app. 🔍


A Branded App login page with Email Only displayed.

The Email option is active by default, and it's a good option if you want a simple sign-up process with no social networks associated. Attendees can add social accounts to their profile once they've logged in to the app, though they'll still only be able to log in with the email address they used to sign up for your Branded App.

If all of the Event Apps hosted in your Branded App use the 'Invite Only' privacy setting, we recommend using only the Email option, unless you're using SSO.

Social options

A Branded App login page with Social Only displayed.

The social login options let users sign up and log in to your app with their existing Webex, Google, Apple, or LinkedIn accounts. This is great for Event Apps with the 'Public' privacy setting. When users sign up with any of the social account options, their first name, last name, and profile picture automatically sync to their profile in the Event App. This saves users time and ensures that profiles are populated!

💡 Keep in mind, if you activate one or more social login options, the 'Continue with Apple' option is automatically included for iOS users. This is an Apple policy and can't be deactivated.

If any of the Events hosted in your Branded App use the 'Invite Only' privacy setting, use these options carefully. Attendees using one of the social options may have trouble accessing your Event Apps if the email associated with their social account is different than the one they registered with.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

A Branded App login page with SSO displayed.

When you activate SSO, your app's login page shows a button with a customizable icon and text that directs users to your SAML 2.0 login page. This makes signing up easy since users log in with an existing account that your organization controls. User management is also simplified with SSO — when an employee is no longer with your organization, your IT department can simply remove them from your system, and they'll be unable to access the app as well.

⚠️ Caution! If you're using SSO, you must submit your app for approval no less than 28 days before the date of your first event. This gives our team time to configure SSO and submit the app for App Store approval.

Want to learn how to use SSO with your Branded App? Read our Using Single Sign-On With Your Branded App article for more details.

Using multiple Sign Up and Log In types

Your Branded App can be the single gateway to all of your organization's Events. If your Branded App will contain multiple Events, plan for all possible scenarios when choosing how you let users sign up and log in.

For example, if you're hosting a free marketing event that welcomes anyone and you also have an internal corporate event that requires employees to sign in using SSO, you'll likely need a combination of Email, Social, and SSO options.

A Branded App's login page. All log in options are visible.

In situations like this, communication is crucial. Fortunately, Webex Events Registration offers robust checkout messaging customization. So when you set up Registration for that internal corporate event, customize your confirmation emails to instruct attendees to only use the SSO option. Go a step further and label the SSO button as 'Employee Login'.

Now you know all about Branded App sign up and log in options. Want an easy button for telling attendees of any type how to access any Event App? Our Event App Access Instructions for Attendees article has templates for every situation. 🎉

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