Branded Event Apps offer additional customization options over the Webex Events App, including the ability to customize the attendee signup and login experience. This lets you further tailor the app to your users and needs!

This article provides a tour of your Branded App's signup and login options so you can make the choice that's right for you.

Editing selections

Customizing signup and login options is the second main step in building your Branded App. If you've already made your selections and need to make updates, follow these steps to find the setting:

Click the Event App tab on any page in the Webex Events Platform, and click My Apps. Locate your app in the list and click on it.

Click the App Branding tab and scroll down to find Sign Up and Log In Options. By default, Email is the only option toggled on.

Screenshot of the App Branding page. The Sign Up and Log In Options section is indicated.

You can enable any combination of email, social accounts, and Single Sign-On (SSO) login options. Simply toggle Yes for any options you want available to your app users.

To rearrange the enabled Social and SSO options, click the two lines next to the toggle on an enabled option and drag it in your preferred order. When users open your app, the enabled signup and login options appear in the sequence you've specified.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if enabled, the Email option is always the first login option on the Event App login page.

Screenshot of clicking and dragging a social option in Sign Up and Log In Options

After enabling your chosen options and arranging them how you want, click Save & Continue.

Email only (Default)

Screenshot of a Branded App login page with Email Only displayed.

If you don't customize your signup and login options, Email is enabled by default, and users can sign up or log in using their email account.

We recommend leaving the defaults and having only the Email login option enabled for events using the Invite Only privacy setting. It's a good option for any event that wants a simple signup process with no social networks associated. Attendees can add social accounts to their profile once they've logged into the app, though they'll still only be able to log in with their email address.

Email and Social options

Screenshot of a Branded App login page with Email and Social displayed.

When you enable social options in addition to email, users can sign up and log in using any of the Social accounts you toggle on. If available in their social profile, their first name, last name, and picture are populated in the app. This is a good option to save the user time and ensure that profiles are populated.

Enabling email and social options provides users with the most ways to sign up. If your event's Privacy Setting is set to Invite Only, use these options carefully. If attendees use one of the social options, they may have trouble accessing your event if the email associated with their social account is different than the one associated with the event.

Social Options without Email or SSO

Screenshot of a Branded App login page with Social Only displayed.

This option lets users sign up and log in to your app with their existing Facebook, Google/Apple, Webex, or LinkedIn accounts. If available in their social profile, their first name, last name, and picture are populated in the app. This saves users time and ensures that profiles are populated.

This option shouldn't be used with the Invite Only privacy setting since the email addresses associated with the social accounts may be different than those associated with the event.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

⚠️ Caution! If you're using SSO, you must submit your app for approval no less than 28 days before the date of your first event. This gives our team time to configure SSO and submit the app for App Store approval.

When you enable SSO, the Event App login page shows a button with a customizable icon and text that directs users to your SAML 2.0 login page.

Single Sign-On (SSO) only

Screenshot of a Branded App login page with Single Sign-On displayed.

Enabling only the SSO option lets users log in with your company's or association's SAML 2.0 credentials. This makes signing up easy since users log in with an existing account that your organization controls. User management is also simplified with SSO — when an employee is no longer with your organization, your IT department can simply remove them from your system, and they'll be unable to access the app as well.

Multiple signup and login options with SSO

Enabling SSO and social options and/or email is useful when your event is open to users inside and outside your organization, like a user conference that also includes partners. Users with an existing account that your organization controls can log in using SSO, and attendees outside your organization can log in via email or one of the social options.

⭐️ Keep in mind, when enabling SSO and multiple signup and login options, plan carefully and communicate with attendees clearly to ensure they sign up and log in using the correct option.

Want to learn how to enable SSO for your Branded App? Check out Using Single Sign-On With Your Branded App for more details.

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