The Wall feature gives attendees a social feed that acts as your event's personal Social Media, allowing them to post pictures, comments, and "like" posts! Check out our Feature Guide: Wall article for more info on how to implement the wall for your event. 

Reviewing, deleting, and exporting posts is simple. We've made it easy to get the information you need quickly, and dive deeper when necessary. Check out the article below to learn how to manage your event Wall. 👇

Wall Basics

At a glance, all Wall posts are listed along with the User who posted it, the Time it was posted, and the number of Likes, Comments, and Reports.


The name of each user who posted is listed in this column, along with their picture if applicable.


This field includes the Time that the Wall post was posted by the user.


This field includes the number of ❤️Likes that this Wall post received from app users.


This field includes the number of Comments that this Wall post received from app users.


This field includes the number of Reports that this Wall post received from app users.

Posts with Reports have been reported for offensive content. For more info on how posts are reported, check out our article in the Attendee Help Center here.

Export or Delete Posts

Click the Settings (gear ⚙️) icon to Export or Delete an individual post post. 

To export all of the Wall posts in bulk, click the Select All (☐) checkbox, click the Bulk Actions (···) icon, and click Export.

Post Details 

Click a row to open the Post Details. Use the tabs to see the specific users who liked, commented on and reported the post. Use the Previous Post and Next Post buttons (or use the arrow keys on your keyboard!) to navigate to other posts quickly.

Click the Comments tab to review the full comments on this post. To delete a Comment, click the Delete (X) icon.

Social Activity

Each user's posts are viewable in the Social Activity section of their user profile. Check out the Feature Guide: Attendees article for more info.

Pro tips! 😎 

  • You can export the pictures on your Wall at any point during your event. Use these on your event's social media to showcase the fun everyone is having! 

  • To quickly find a specific post or posts by a specific person, type either a couple words from the post or the user's name in the search bar.

  • Hover over a picture icon to quickly see a larger version. 

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